Female soccer players are discriminated against

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an illustration of three women in soccer uniforms, all have crowns on their head, and one is holding a trophy up
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Women’s soccer is usually treated unfairly in comparison to men’s soccer, and it is most evident here in the United States.

The latest FIFA rankings has the women’s U.S in the top spot of the 2019

Women’s World Cup in France just around the corner, the first match on June 7 between the host nation France and Korea republic.

Misogyny is still prevalent in women’s sports, and it appears that it will continue to stay this way until more drastic changes are made.

Men are known to bring in more money so it seems that this is the reason why officials are more willing to listen to their demands.

The idea that women are just playing for fun and not as a profession is troubling. Female athletes dedicate as much time and make similar sacrifices in order to become professionals.

The lowest position that the U.S. women’s national has ever held in FIFA’s world rankings is second, which they held from 2003 to 2007, and again in 2014.  Meanwhile, the U.S. men’s national team has never cracked the top five. The closest they came was in 2005 when they were the number eight ranked team.

The men’s team gets more recognition than the women and it is unfair, considering that the women have won global tournaments. The men have never reached a World Cup Final, yet they get treated like the top dogs here in the U.S.

The women’s team has had much more success than the men’s team, but the women still had to fight for something as simple as safe fields to play on.

The U.S. women’s team were forced to play eight out of their 10 games on fields made with turf, which is artificial grass, leading up to their 2015 World Cup championship, according to Time Magazine.

The men, however, do not face the same problem as when they are scheduled to play a game at a stadium that has artificial grass, since they will demand that the maintenance crew lay down sod before they start their games regardless of the cost.

Some of the injuries caused by artificial grass can be gruesome since players  get bad skin burns from the pellets sticking to their legs. This causes them to be fearful of getting hurt from sliding or diving on the field.

The average soccer field is about 80,000 square feet, and the cost of laying down sod is $2.75 per square foot. So the cost in terms of materials can be around is $220,000.  

If the women’s team, who are much more successful, are not able to get the same kind of treatment, then the problem is much deeper than the cost alone.

For a country like the U.S., where there have been  many strides made to progress towards equality for women, this is a serious issue that needs more attention. A team like the U.S. women’s team deserves to get recognition for their accolades and to have a voice for the fields that they have to play on.

The women’s team  have shown their talent and prestige to win championships, so based on that preface, the women should get the same treatment as the men, if not better, as they have the backing of the trophies they have won.

They should not be overlooked just because they are women as they have proved that they  have surpassed the men’s team in success.

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