Jonas Brothers’ reunion brings back nostalgic memories

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This is an SOS: hold on, because the Jonas Brothers are back and burning up.   

There is no feeling like listening to your beloved childhood tunes and reliving nostalgic memories associated with those songs.

Now that most original Jonas Brothers fans are in their college years, the reunification of the band is crucial, now more than ever. Despite the band members reaching new heights and transitioning into adulthood, their music reminds us to hold on to the same morals  we held so highly as kids: don’t take life too seriously and worry less.

Dating back to the 1960s with the emergence of  “The Osmond Brothers,” boy bands have been a popular musical phenomenon around the world. Since then, the arrival of other iconic boy bands like “N’SYNC” came onto the scene and dominated the Billboard charts time and time again.

Boy bands have declined since the mid 2010s with the disbandment of highly recognizable bands such as One Direction, The Wanted, and more notably, the Jonas Brothers.

However, after  months of speculation, the Jonas Brothers have answered fans’ prayers with the confirmation of their reunion in a video clip posted via social media.

The clip is a reenactment of their  viral 2008 Youtube video, in which Kevin and Nick Jonas spin a table around, as Joe says “Oh,how the tables have turned.” The recent video was followed by a banner reading “Hello Again” along with falling  confetti.

Most original Jonas Brothers fans recalled this video reference, and the comments consisted of everything from crying emojis to thankful praises. This is the first reunion for the Jonas Brothers since their five-year hiatus.

The Jonas Brothers are one of the most profound boy bands in history. The positive feedback and open arms of fans prove there is still a large group that enjoys a good old-fashioned boy band.

With the circulation of trends in society, the reemergence of boy bands brings back a familiar  feeling that has been greatly missed in the music industry. Now it’s polluted with lackluster artists and generic tunes that are coupled with lyrics that romanticize sex and drugs.

Listening to the Jonas Brothers reminds fans of a simpler time when tuition and worrying about life after graduation  wasn’t on the forefront of their minds. It allows fans to step back and reflect on their lives and return to more carefree days.

It’s exciting to see what they plan to do next with the reunion of the band, and most would admit that they’re “burnin up/ burnin’ up,”  for the Jonas Brothers.

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