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Mission statement

The Daily Titan is dedicated to covering local and campus events. We strive to be accurate, non-biased and as thorough as possible.

 Zack Johnston – Editor-in-Chief
 [email protected] | (657) 278-5815
Zack has been with the Daily Titan since spring 2014 and has worked in six different positions including Managing Editor and Social Media Editor. He is in his fifth year at Cal State Fullerton studying journalism. Follow him on Twitter @zackj2794.

 Harrison Faigen – Managing Editor
 [email protected] | (657) 278-8027
Harrison Faigen is in his third semester at the Daily Titan. Harrison enjoys long walks on the beach, tweeting and is also majoring in journalism while covering the Lakers as the associate Editor in Chief of SB Nation’s Silver Screen and Roll. You can follow him on Twitter at @hmfaigen (Lakers coverage) or @hfaigenCSUF (Cal State Fullerton coverage).

 Jason Rochlin – News Editor
 [email protected] | (657) 278-4415
Jason is a junior honors student studying communications with an emphasis in journalism at CSUF. Along with his work for the Daily Titan, he is also a reporter for the nonprofit organization Gladeo and the founding editor for a Pollak Library student publication called California Connections. When he has time, he is also an avid video game player. Follow Jason on Twitter @jdrochlin

 Brandon Pho – News Editor
 [email protected]
Brandon Pho is a second year at CSUF and is his second semester with the Daily Titan. He enjoys reporting on high-stakes and investigative stories that encompass Orange County.

Nichole Torres – News Assistant
[email protected] 
Nichole is a fourth-year journalism major, with this being her first semester with the Daily Titan. When she isn’t busy covering the news, she loves to read. She one day hopes to be able to cover Hayden Christensen or Adam Driver in a features story. You can follow her on twitter @nichole_133

Cameron Corona – News Assistant
 [email protected]
Cameron is a political science major and this is her first semester with the Daily Titan.

Amy Wells – News Assistant
 [email protected]
Amy Wells is a senior journalism major and women and gender studies minor. This is her third semester at the Daily Titan and her first being a news assistant. She reads about TV more than she watches it and if anyone asks, she is SUCH a Miranda. You can follow her at @ams_well

Breanna Belken – News Assistant
 [email protected]
Breanna is a fourth-year journalism major and this is her first semester with the Daily Titan. When she isn’t sleeping she’s drinking coffee and sometimes reading.

Sarah El-Mahmoud – Lifestyle Editor
[email protected]

Meghan Kliewer – Lifestyle Assistant
 [email protected]
Meghan Kliewer is a journalism major in her senior year. This is her first semester at the Daily Titan but before transferring she worked for El Don News at Santa Ana College for three semesters. Meghan is also in the CSUF chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. In her free time, she practices yoga, visits Disneyland, and watches The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Nicole Adamita – Lifestyle Assistant Editor
[email protected]
Nicole Adamita is a senior at Cal State Fullerton, majoring in Sociology. She serves as the Arts and Entertainment assistant editor for the Daily Titan, and this is her first semester with them. Aside from working there, she is also a certified dog walker, fashion enthusiast and proud VIP member of the Beyhive aka Beyoncé’s fan base, duh!

Kristen Garcia – Lifestyle Assistant
 [email protected]

Tanya Castaneda – Lifestyle Assistant
 [email protected]

Rishu Bhardwaj – Opinion Editor
 [email protected]

Cody Gion – Opinion Editor
 [email protected]
Cody loves ranting about politics and controversial news. Pokémon, Resident Evil and terrible sports teams are his jam. Follow him on twitter @GionCody

Sophia Acevedo – Opinion Assistant
 [email protected]
Sophia is a 2nd year Journalism major/Political Science minor in her first semester at Daily Titan. She enjoys eating avocados not being called one.

Rick Delgado – Opinion Assistant
[email protected]
Rick Piñon Delgado is a 4th year Journalism/Liberal Studies major at CSUF and this is his first semester at the Daily Titan. While he’s at school he is either writing, working at Starbucks, at the gym or taking any chance he can to make a joke about something. Follow him in Twitter for political, entertainment and life updates @rickbpinon.

Yaresly Sanchez Aguile – Sports Editor
[email protected] | (657) 278-3149
Yaresly Sanchez is a fourth-year journalism major. This is her second semester at the Daily Titan. Yaresly aspires to work in the entertainment industry, and loves to watch the Dodgers, but mostly Corey Seager.

Kathryne Padilla Torres – Sports Co-Editor
[email protected] | (657) 278-3149
Kathryne is in her first semester at the Daily Titan and is double majoring in journalism and pre-business administration. She enjoys watching and reading anything sports related. Follow her on twitter (@PadillaK_) for updates on CSUF sports.

Mariana Vera – Sports Assistant Editor
[email protected]
Mariana Vera is fourth-year journalism major. This is her second semester with the Daily Titan Sports Desk. Aside from sports, her interests include music entertainment and the Investigation Discovery Channel. She strongly believes the Los Angeles Dodgers will make it to the World Series this year.

Kaila Cruz – Assistant sports editor
[email protected]
Kaila Cruz is a sophomore majoring in Communications Journalism. As an aspiring sports journalist, she’s previously written for Fansided covering the SF Giants and is additionally a staff writer for Affinity Magazine. Follow her on Twitter @_kaicruz

Tracy Hoang – Layout Editor
[email protected]
Tracy is a 3rd-year Communications major with an emphasis in Public Relations. This would be her third semester with the Daily Titan, working as the layout editor assistant the previous semesters.

Anita Huor – Layout Editor Assistant
[email protected]
Anita Huor is a fifth-year Entertainment Animation major with a minor in Information System. This is her first semester at the Daily Titan.

Patricia Stickles – Layout Assistant
[email protected]
Patricia Stickles is a freshman majoring in English and minoring in Spanish. It is her first semester at the Daily Titan. Follow her on Twitter @patriciastckles

Katie Albertson – Photo Editor
[email protected]
Katie Albertson is a senior currently in her fourth semester at the Daily Titan. She is a Photo Communications major with a minor in Philosophy. In her spare time, she trips on various things and listens to Frank Ocean on repeat, sometimes simultaneously.

Bailey Carpenter – Photo Assistant
[email protected]
Bailey Carpenter is a senior and in her second semester at the Daily Titan. She is studying journalism with a minor in English. You can follow her on twitter @Bailey_Carp

Gabe Gandara – Photo Assistant
[email protected]
Gabe Gandara is a fourth-year student at Csuf and this is his first with The Daily Titan. Gabe is a creative photo major, and he loves to capture images and tell stories with his photos.

Andrew Lopez – Photo Assistant
[email protected]

Hannah Miller – Illustrator
[email protected]
Hannah Miller is a senior and is majoring in journalism. She enjoys writing and drawing equally. Her pride and joy is her obese, partially blind Chihuahua.

Megan Maxey – Social Media Editor
[email protected]
Maxey is a senior at CSUF studying communications and print journalism. Maxey has previously served as news editor and assistant to the layout editor on the Daily Titan staff. She has completed editorial internships in Washington, D.C. as well as Northern California. Maxey has experience reporting for almost every section of the paper and looks to expand her skill set during her time as Social Media editor. Follow her on twitter @megankmaxey

Lissete Gonzalez – Social Media Assistant
[email protected]
Lissete Gonzalez is a junior honors student and a marketing major at CSUF, in her first semester as social media assistant at the Daily Titan. She loves reading comic books and enjoys playing video games and watching films on her free time. When she’s not at school or working at the Daily Titan, she’s at Starbucks making caramel macchiatos to pay off her student loans. Follow her on twitter @lissete74.

Katherine Abando – Social media Assistant
[email protected]
Katherine Abando is a human communication studies major. It is her first semester working with the Daily Titan. She loves to read, go to concerts, and watch Netflix especially Master of None.

Kyle Bender – Copy Editor
[email protected]
Kyle is in his second year with the Daily Titan. With his passion for video games and critical thought, he hopes to pursue a career in the industry of entertainment coverage.
Follow him on twitter @benderrb0t

Ashley Haley – Copy Editor
[email protected]
Ashley Haley is a senior majoring in Communications with an emphasis in journalism. She is in her second semester with the Daily Titan and has a passion for finding mistakes. During her free time, you can find Ashley napping or drinking strawberry shakes. Ashley is extremely excited about graduating and plans to work as a journalist in the near future.

Tatiana Torres – Assistant copy editor
[email protected]
Tatiana is a freshman majoring in journalism and is in her first semester with the daily titan. She is an assistant copy editor and enjoys writing.

Danielle Contreras – Copy Assistant
[email protected]
Danielle is a senior majoring in English. She is an animal enthusiast and doesn’t want to teach. In her spare tim, she enjoys fueling her caffeine dependency and occasionally painting birdhouses.

Mia Agraviador – Multimedia Editor
[email protected]
Mia Agraviador is a senior broadcast journalism major. This is her third semester at the Daily Titan.

Gene Pietragallo – Multimedia Assistant
[email protected]

Ameya Desai – Webmaster
[email protected]
Ameya Desai is a Computer Science graduate student. This is his first semester with Daily Titan as a Webmaster. He likes to play around with web technologies. Foodie by nature, dog lover, sitcom enthusiasts!

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