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Mission statement

The Daily Titan is dedicated to covering local and campus events. We strive to be accurate, non-biased and as thorough as possible.

  Briggetta Pierrot – Editor-in-Chief
 [email protected] | (657) 278-5815
Briggetta is a super senior English major in her third semester at the Daily Titan. When she isn’t hunched over a story that needs editing, she’s most likely rambling about whatever book she’s currently reading. You can follow her on Twitter @briggettapie
  Caitlin Bartusick – Managing Editor
 [email protected] | (657) 278-8027
Caitlin is a senior in her second semester with the Daily Titan. She is pursuing a career as a reporter and videographer covering social and political issues related to the environment. She will be graduating in spring 2019 with a degree in journalism and American studies. You can follow her on twitter @caitinb
  Diane Ortiz – News Editor
 [email protected] | (657) 278-4415
Diane is a senior majoring in journalism and minoring in anthropology. Both allow her to explore her love of learning and telling people’s stories.
  Hosam Elattar – News Editor
 [email protected]
Has lived around the world. Spends his free time writing poems
  Noah Biesiada – Assistant News Editor
[email protected] 
Noah is a freshman in his first semester with the Daily Titan. He enjoys writing and hanging out with his friends and hopes to pursue a career covering political news. Follow him on Twitter @nbiesiada
  Ian Finley – Assistant News Editor
 [email protected]
Ian is a freshman political science major at CSUF. Even though he thinks finding news stories and comprehensively fact-checking articles is very fun, he also really enjoys sports and Brooklyn Nine-Nine in his free time.
  Nathan Nguyen – Assistant News Editor
 [email protected]
Nathan is a senior journalism major in his first semester with the Daily Titan. Special talents include being able to name every NBA player from the past 5 years & making letters out of a rubber band.
  Alyssa Lopez – Opinion Editor
 [email protected]
I am a senior at Cal State Fullerton. I enjoy being scared, I wish every day was Halloween and my dream job is to write for Rolling Stone Magazine.
  Brian Becsi – Opinion Editor
 [email protected]
Brian is an undergraduate math student at CSUF and it is his first semester at The Daily Titan. He’s interested in science journalism and is passionate about sustainable living.
  Sophia Acevedo – Assistant Opinion Editor
 [email protected]
Sophia is a junior university honors student majoring in journalism and political science. She is in her third semester with the Daily Titan. In her free time, she enjoys arguing with people, learning about media law, and eating avocados (not being called one)
  Jared Eprem – Sports Editor
[email protected] | (657) 278-3149
Jared Eprem has spent three semesters with the Daily Titan. He enjoys podcasts, YouTube & RuneScape. Follow him on twitter @byjaredeprem
  Megan Garcia – Sports Editor
[email protected] | (657) 278-3149
Megan is in her first semester at the Daily Titan. If she’s not watching a baseball game, she’s probably hanging out with her dogs or napping. You can follow her on twitter @garciamegan_ for sports coverage and bad takes about anything.
  Mathew Mendoza – Assistant Sports Editor
[email protected] | (657) 278-3149
Matthew is in his second semester with the Daily Titan. This is his first semester as Assistant Sports Editor. He hopes to pursue a career in sports journalism. Follow him on Twitter @_MatthewMendoza
  Kathryne Padilla – Assistant Sports Editor
[email protected]
Kathryne is 4th-year communication with an emphasis in print journalism and business administration major. This is her third semester with the Daily Titan Sports desk. In her free time, she enjoys going to concerts or seeing a soccer game. You can follow her on Twitter @Padillak_
 Angelina Dequina Angelina Dequina – Lifestyle Editor
[email protected]
I’m a junior studying Journalism. Aside from writing, I love to paint, collect birdhouses, and play with my dog, Professor Bean.
 Tanya Casteneda Tanya Castañeda – Lifestyle Editor
[email protected]
Tanya Castañeda is a journalism major at Cal State Fullerton. Currently, in her last year, she hopes to improve her writing skills and one day work for MLB Network.
  Tabitha Butler – Assistant Lifestyle Editor
[email protected]
Tabitha is a senior advertising major and this is her first semester with the Daily Titan. She loves to play board games, explore the great outdoors and write everything from short stories to screenplays.
 Bailey Jones Bailey Jones – Assistant Lifestyle Editor
[email protected]
Bailey is a double major in Molecular Biology and Journalism. She loves crystals, candles, and cats, and if she isn’t replying to your text, she’s probably running. Follow her on Twitter @baileypjones
  Stephanie Delateur – Assistant Lifestyle Editor
 [email protected]
Stephanie Delateur is a third-year journalism major with an emphasis in print and a minor in history. Her hobbies include rock climbing, Egyptology, reading, watching documentaries and wearing interesting socks. She also enjoys tv shows such as Star Trek and Seinfeld.
  Korryn Sanchez – Layout Editor
 [email protected]
Korryn is in her last semester at Cal State Fullerton and her first semester with the Daily Titan. You’ll never catch her without a coffee in her hand and a book in her bag. If you want to spend an hour talking about dogs, come to find her or follow her on Instagram and Twitter @korrynanichole
 Emily Mifflin Emily Mifflin – Assistant Layout Editor
 [email protected]
Emily is a freshman majoring in Political Science and in her first semester at the Daily Titan. She hopes to pursue a career in law or as a military officer. You can follow her on Instagram @youknowmiffy
  Joshua Arief Halim – Photo Editor
[email protected]
Joshua Arief Halim is a senior at cal state university Fullerton majoring in business. When not reading a journal, he loves watching movie and tv while incorporating it into his photos of places and people
  Riley McDougall – Photo Editor
[email protected]
Riley is a photographer who likes to capture things either on film or in a Pokeball. He is a Public Administration major who enjoys visual story-telling, and would like to make promotional marketing videos for non-profits. He also enjoys smiling, things that smell good, talking to strangers, raw cookie dough, and that feeling you get when you cut wrapping paper in one smooth motion with the scissors. Follow his stories on Instagram and Twitter @RileyCaptures.
  Dominique Kaye Villamor – Assistant Photo Editor
 [email protected]
I’m a Photocomm major, I love traveling and have been to several countries, and my Instagram: @dkv_photography.
 Jessica Ruiz Jessica Ruiz – Assistant Photo Editor
 [email protected]
Jessica Ruiz is a CSUF senior, her major is in PhotoComm. Jessica loves to travel every chance she gets. She always carries a camera with her at all times, a film AE1, a Canon Mark iv or her favorite a disposable camera. When Jessica isn’t at school she is busy running her photography business, OCJ Photography.
  Kayla Alcaraz – Illustrator
[email protected]
Kayla Alcaraz is a fifth-year Illustration major. This is her first semester as an Illustrator for the Daily Titan. She has an appreciation for small, fat birds and cloudy weather. You’ll often find her hidden away in the corner of the campus.
  Anita Huor – Illustrator
[email protected]
Anita Huor is a sixth-year Entertainment Animation major with a minor in Information System. This is her third semester at the Daily Titan.
  Danielle Evangelista – Assistant Illustrator
[email protected]
 I am an animation major and this is my first semester with the DailyTitan. I enjoy drawing cartoons and playing with dogs.
  Christina Acedo – Illustrator Assistant
[email protected]
Christina is majoring in Art with a concentration in entertainment art/animation. She loves drawing the human figure and her chihuahuas.
 Jeremy Jeremy Rembulat – Social Media Editor
[email protected]
Jeremy is a Junior at CSUF studying Communications/Public Relations and will be starting his first semester with the Daily Titan. He enjoys eating, dancing, and surrounding himself with good company.
  Kevin Ho – Assistant Social Media Editor
[email protected]
Kevin is a third year English major. He describes himself as a hardworking individual who looks for opportunities to challenge himself and grow as a person. This is his first semester with the Daily Titan.
  Kristina Garcia – Copy Editor
[email protected]
Kristina is a sophomore and is in her third semester with the Daily Titan. Typically found in the newsroom with large headphones and weird socks.
  Bianca Noone – Assistant Copy Editor
[email protected]
Bianca is a fifth-year English major in her first semester at the Daily Titan. When she’s not busy being a working woman trying to have it all, you can find her watching stand-up comedy, trying not to hit pedestrians with her bike on her way to class, and staring longingly at pictures of her cat.
  Julius Choi – Assistant Copy Editor
[email protected]
Julius is a senior and is in his first semester with the Daily Titan. He enjoys watching hockey and being a subpar Tetris player in his free time.
 Dominic Torres Dominic Torres – Multimedia Editor
[email protected]
Dominic creates immersive visuals as a videographer, photographer, graphic designer, and clothing producer. @whywejeopardize @moriconsilium
  Brandon Killman – Digital Editor
[email protected]
I’m a transfer student from Fullerton College where I was previously digital director for its campus magazine. I love to get my hands on all things multimedia, and I seek out an opportunity to tell a story in a unique and engaging by using innovative technologies.
  Aparna Girme – Webmaster
[email protected]
Aparna is a graduate student and will graduate in Spring 2019. This is her first semester with the Daily Titan. And she is excited about her journey with school’s daily. She is interested in coding, writing articles, and exploring new places. If she is not busy, you can find her in the library or SRC.

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