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Marco Sivelli Roza
Director of Advertising
Marco Sivelli Roza is the Director of Advertising at the Daily Titan. He is an international student from São Paulo, Brazil and this is his third year living in California. Marco moved to CSUF in August 2014 to acquire a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics. He is passionate about getting to know new places, as well as getting in touch with cultural diversity. He studied abroad in South Korea during the Spring Semester of 2016 and had the time of his life!
Niko Elvambuena
Assistant Director of Advertising
Niko Elvambuena is the Assistant Director of Advertising at the Daily Titan. He is a fifth year (super senior!) from beautiful Fresno, CA. Self-described “anti-social socialite,” Niko is a charismatic eclectic who prefers puppies over people. Majoring in Philosophy and double minoring in Journalism and Advertising, he hopes to be a copy writer after graduating. Niko pretends he’s a good writer, stares at art he doesn’t understand, and sleeps when he finds time – which is very rare.
Thomas Dunne
Marketing Coordinator
Thomas Dunne is the Marketing Coordinator at the Daily Titan. Entering his 4th year at Cal State Fullerton. He is on the Alumni and Career Relations Committee for the American Marketing Association. He will receive his Bachelors of Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing in May of 2019. He will be pursuing a Career in Sports Marketing once he graduates. His love of sports and passion for marketing are what drives him to begin his career in this exciting field of work.
Dominick Lorenz
National Sales & Events Coordinator
Dominick Lorenz is the National Sales & Events Coordinator for the Daily Titan Newspaper at CSUF. This is his third year working at the paper and he loves how the Daily Titan feels like home. He is a 4th year Broadcast Journalism major and is pursuing a career in Sports Broadcasting (emphasis in baseball play-by-play). Dominick will be graduating at the end of the Fall 2017 semester and can’t wait until he is working in either Minor League or Major League Baseball. In his free time, Dominick loves attending sporting events, country & classic rock concerts as well as spending time with family and friends! Go Angels, Ducks, Lakers, 49ers and USC Football!
Andre Gomez
Graphic Designer
Andre Gomez is one of the two in-house Graphic Designers at the Daily Titan. He is an Orange County native and is currently a graphic design major. Prior to enrolling at CSU Fullerton, Andre had attended UC San Diego and Fullerton College to study environmental engineering and art, respectively. Outside of work, Andre is a photography, concert, and music enthusiast having co-hosted several radio shows at KSDT at UCSD and TitanRadio at CSUF. He also enjoys collecting vinyl records and loves his two cats dearly.
Chris Trinh
Graphic Designer
Christopher Trinh is one of the two in-house Graphic Designers at the Daily Titan. Chris is living in the Orange County area. Chris is a fourth year student pursuing a six year degree for a B.F.A. in Art with a concentration in graphic design. He is also pursuing a degree with honors through the University Honors Program. Chris has already completed CSUF Freshman Programs and is a member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Pi International Art Honor Society, CSUF Auto, AIGA OC Chapter, and the Graphic Design Club. He is passionate about art and has a never-ending curiosity of everything. When Chris is not working at the Daily Titan, he can be seen relaxing around campus, working on art such as design and street photography, nerding and geeking out on his interests, or at his other job.
Logan Whitehead
Account Executive
Logan Whitehead is an Account Executive at the Daily Titan. He grew up in La Quinta California where he says has some of the best hiking trails in the world. This is Logan's first year at the Daily Titan as well at CSUF. His major is business management and hopes to one day work for himself. Aside from work and school Logan enjoys listening to music, going to concerts, and hanging out with his friends.
Marissa Li
Account Executive
Marissa is an account executive at the Daily Titan. She was born and raised in Temecula and recently moved to Fullerton to pursue a BA degree in Business. She loves to communicate and connect with others and aspires to become a marketing director in the future. She is very passionate about eating and can often be found complaining about her hunger. She also has a dog named Bobo whom she cherishes and loves.
Salvador Rivera
Account Executive
Sal is an Account Executive at the Daily Titan. Originally from the Palm Springs area, he is definitely loving the change in scenery now that he has transferred. He is a Communications major with a concentration in Advertising, aiming to graduate in 2019. When not neck deep in school work, Sal enjoys discovering new music, enjoying the new views, and trying to (key word being trying) work out.
Sandra Bayoud
Account Executive
Sandra Bayoud is an Account Executive at the Daily Titan. She is currently a Sophomore in the process of attaining and Bachelor's in Business Administration. She grew up in San Diego, California and moved to Fullerton once she was enrolled at CSUF. She is of a very social nature and appreciates people of all backgrounds and stories. She loves meeting new people and especially small talk with strangers in places such as coffee shops or other random places. Her hobbies include eating, traveling, and hiking. She prefers to travel by car whether she is the driver or not. On her days off, you can find her cooking to relax and looking forward to a trip or event to fuel her energy for academic success.
Therese Plaganas
Student Accountant
Therese Plaganas is the Student Accountant for the Daily Titan. She is a transfer student from Fullerton College and started her first year at CSUF in August 2017 to acquire a Bachelors of Arts degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and Information Systems. She is passionate to meet new people, travel different places, and try a variety of dishes out there!
Michelle Kurland
Daily Titan Advertising Adviser
Professor Kurland has been instructing at CSUF since 2005. She teaches Communication courses related to advertising and public relations. She obtained her MA in Communications, with an emphasis in Public Relations, from CSUF and her BA in Communication Studies from UCSB. She resides in Placentia with her husband and three children. In her free time, she runs in 5Ks and plays on a women’s soccer team.
Paige Mauriello
Distribution Manager
Paige is the Distribution Manager, majoring in business with a concentration in marketing and minoring in art. You can often find her in her own company listening to an audiobook.


  • Caroline

    I am looking for some ad quotes for my friend’s shoe store. Do you have a sheet that breaks down pricing 1/4 of a page vs. 1/2 page and by how many days we want to run the ad?

    Thank you,

  • how can I put an add in your paper for a business
    Swig Bar -food, beer, and wine only.

  • Sharon Fain

    Good Afternoon,

    I am the marketing director for CRAFTED in the Port of LA and was interested in placing an ad for an upcoming event we are hosting for college students. Can you please provide me with rates and deadline info? Thank you very much!


  • Hi Caroline, if you could email me at [email protected] I can let you know about the rates and any other questions that you have.

  • Al Ghomashchi

    To Whom it Concerns,
    I was wondering if I can speak to the person in charge for placing an ad but more of a “column” in the Titan Daily. Just want to be informed on rates, info, deadlines, and when we can meet up at! My email is [email protected] and I hope we can meet up soon! Thanks!

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