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CSUF accommodates less student enrollment due to ‘high impaction’ status

There is no need to change the high impaction status of the university, said Darren Bush, Cal State Fullerton’s interim

Theresa Harvey poses for a head shot.

CSUF alumna Theresa Harvey’s experiences on campus have led her to a role as CEO and president of the North Orange County Chamber of Commerce

CEO and President of the North Orange County Chamber of Commerce, CSUF alumna Theresa Harvey graduated in 1980 and

police chief is sworn in

Newly appointed CSUF police chief Raymund Aguirre hopes to form lasting connections with campus community

Raised by a father in the military and a mother in social work, Raymund Aguirre knew he wanted to

painting of J. Cole with a crown and robe

J. Cole warns about the dangers of drug abuse and addiction on latest album, ‘KOD’

J. Cole’s newest album “KOD” tells the stories of how young people are often taught to turn to different

An illustration of a man wearing a tank top with the American flag on it, holding a sign with the word "Sanctuary" circled and crossed out.

The refusal of the city of Huntington Beach to accept sanctuary laws marks the end of American equality

With immigration is being one of the most divisive issues, Huntington Beach’s recent decision to sue California over the

Kit Yan standing in the middle of Times Square

Kit Yan performs slam poetry about life as a queer transgender during AICA’s Culture Week at CSUF

Each time slam poetry performer Kit Yan used the phrase, “Something is broken” on Monday night, the mantra boomed

An illustration of Cosmopolitan Magazine on a shelf between Entertainment Weekly and The Atlantic. The people on the other magazines are looking at the woman on Cosmopolitan who is surrounded by words like "Love," "Hot," and "Sex" and is saying "You know, they used to put me at the front of the store."

Devil’s Advocate: Removing Cosmopolitan from Walmart checkout lines shelves women’s progress

Over the past year, women have made strides to stand up for themselves and take control of their own

Six candidates debate issues like immigration, trade and health care at a forum in the Fullerton Community Center.

Six candidates for 39th Congressional District seat discussed Immigration, international trade and health care at forum in Fullerton

Immigration, international trade and health care were a few of the polarizing topics explored at a forum of six


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