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a person walking and a car driving in front of two buildings

Devil’s Advocate: The tedious commute to CSUF saves student’s money

The trumpeting of car horns in traffic and the parking crisis at CSUF make the commute to school seem

Portrait shot of Van Sky, an individual who opposes sexual exploitation and abuse that occurs during peace keeping missions of the United Nations.

CSUF student researches sexual exploitation in peacekeeping missions

Twelve children and 65 adults have survived sexual exploitation and abuse on peacekeeping missions in 2018. Of these survivors,

a person sitting on their bed with just their foot showing, there is a laptop and post cards laying on the bed

Column: Online friendships deserve genuine recognition

Every morning I let the light from my computer screen thaw my face while I message my friends who

A dotted red trail leads up to a heart on the top of a book next to some coffee and flowers.

Column: The note I found in ‘The Girls Who Went Away’

In 1995, my mother had jet black hair that was usually tied up with a soft scrunchie. When she

Banky's famous stencil "Girl With Balloon" of a silhoutte girl holding a heart-shaped red balloon sticking shredded half-way out the bottom of an ornate golden artist's frame. The girl's face is obscured by the golden frame.

Banksy’s “Love is in the Bin” calls out art capitalism

Many people think of Banksy as a shadow whose art permeates walls with marks they can’t ignore. But that’s

Hello Kitty and her friends welcome visitors to Tanaka Farm's annual pumpkin patch.

Tanaka Farms kicks off the fall season with a visit from Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty and her friends harvested happiness on the first day of fall at the Tanaka Farms’ annual pumpkin

Students eat and listen to a speaker on the patio of the Golleher Alumni House.

Grad Barbecue adds zest to the beginning of seniors’ final year at Golleher Alumni House

As one of the two original buildings left on campus, the Golleher Alumni House is a unique spot that