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A woman is in front of a forever 21 store. In the windows there is a lot of clothes in the regular section there is a full rack of clothes. On the right there is a small amount of clothes on the plus-size rack. The woman looks towards the plus-size rack with annoyance.

Open Letter: Forever 21 disappoints with its lack of plus-sized clothing options

Dear Forever 21, Women’s plus-size clothing doesn’t have to be segregated to the smallest corners of your stores, as

two boys sitting at a table next to each other, both are looking at a laptop

Column: Online classes helped me lead a more organized life at CSUF

Taking my first online class last semester at CSUF has made me realize that I don’t have to physically

a person walking and a car driving in front of two buildings

Devil’s Advocate: Living on campus gets students involved at CSUF

Most students at CSUF choose to spend hours behind the wheel rather than pay the high cost of living

An arial shot of a frustrated driver finding all the lots are full.

Cal State Fullerton doesn’t provide sufficient carpool options

Cal State Fullerton has about 40,000 enrolled students, the second largest student enrollment in the CSU system, and a

Larry Martin, Director of Housing and Residential Engagement, shares his view for the future of a residential CSUF.

Housing and Residential Engagement unveils plans for CSUF housing expansion

Cal State Fullerton’s Housing and Residential Engagement is currently in the process of creating a proposal that would seek

girl with hands grabbing at her with labels that say slut, whore, she wanted it

Even with the current rise of feminism, victim blaming still exists

In a recent rape trial in Ireland, a lawyer presented to the jury the underwear of a teenager who


The ‘Mayans M.C.’ takes ‘Sons of Anarchy’ to a new level

The “Mayans M.C.” season finale gave fans an answer to the season’s biggest mystery, but brings more unanswered questions

picture of a girl looking upset while at Thanksgiving dinner with family

COLUMN: For indigenous people, Thanksgiving isn’t a celebration

Thanksgiving may be a widely celebrated holiday in America, but for people with indigenous blood, like myself, it’s nothing


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