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Redboy Productions, a family dance troupe, danced at the second annual Indigenous Heritage Month Reception.

CSUF celebrates Native American and indigenous groups

A vibrant celebration of indigenous history and traditions took place on Tuesday at Cal State Fullerton’s second annual Indigenous

A performer offers a colorful bouquet to a towering skeleton bride on stilts.

Día de los Muertos festival breathes life into Los Angeles

Dancing skeletons filled the central plaza of Olvera Street in Los Angeles as a vibrant celebration of death took

unhappy pig in a small cage

Proposition 12 aims to provide humane living for farm animals and improve human health

A yes vote on Proposition 12 would enforce a new requirement for farmers to provide more housing space for

CSUF Title IX coordinator Sarah Bauer speaks about the requirements that the university must meet to receive federal funding under Title IX, which bans discrimination based on sex in federally-funded schools.

Title IX briefing says CSU definition of sex will remain intact

Title IX coordinator at Cal State Fullerton, Sarah Bauer, addressed the impact a proposal to narrow the legal definition

An arm holding a needle

Safe injection sites would be impactful for California

San Francisco wants to become the first city in California to open a safe injection site for drug users.

Resume with a picture of person's picture with rainbow stripes filled in the persons figure, the resume has a red rejected stamp on it

Texas Christian conservative groups unfairly discriminate against LGBTQ workers

Texas Christian conservative groups, U.S. Pastors Council and Texas Values, believe that they have the right to legally discriminate

Rick Grimes and Maggie Rhee face each other.

Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ airs fantastic premiere

The season nine premiere of “The Walking Dead” titled “A New Beginning” begins at what seems to be about

Brady Heiner is the founding director of Cal State Fullerton's Project Rebound.

Project Rebound opens doors for formerly incarcerated students

About 65 percent of people released from prison in California will return to prison within three years, according to


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