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CSUF quad, with benches equipped with solar panned charging stations.

Cal State Fullerton looks for opportunities to use more renewable energy

Cal State Fullerton currently produces 13 percent of its energy through several solar projects built around campus, which is

A picture of the green sign hanging above the I-5 South freeway reading "HOV 2+ Only"

The high occupancy vehicle lane hurts commuters

With over 23 million licenses issued in California, and over 394,000 miles of road to use in the Golden

Ralph breaks the internet

Review: ‘Tetris Effect’ offers fan base a stranger game than the last

“Tetris Effect” is a strange game because its artful presentation and philosophy in design is not in line with

A tiny turkey is squished between a giant pumpkin and giant Santa

Despite its history, Thanksgiving is valuable and important for Americans to remember

In the United States, Americans love the holiday season. After Halloween ends, November brings with it Thanksgiving, a time

Angela Sojobi joined the Titan family as an assistant professor of nursing.

Midwife Angela Sojobi teaches Titans from experience

Angela Sojobi, assistant professor of nursing at Cal State Fullerton, said she’s delivered so many babies as a midwife

Bright signs crowd a fence along the side of an empty lot in Santa Ana.

Political ads overwhelm voters each and every year

Every time Election Day gets closer and closer in the United States, hundreds of advertisements are thrust into American

CSUF Athletes balance diet

Review: Red Dead Redemption 2 is a gorgeous rendition of the Wild West

Eight years after the release of the original, “Red Dead Redemption 2” for the PlayStation 4 stands to be

Nurse gives student a flu vaccination

TitanWell’s health clinic fights the flu at Cal State Fullerton

TitanWell made its attack on the flu at the annual Flu Clinic on Tuesday in the Quad. The Flu


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