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Gayle Brunelle addresses her concerns with executive order 1100 at academic senate meeting thursday

General education requirements in CSU system could create faculty layoffs

Chancellor Timothy P. White issued an executive order in August 2017 requiring colleges in the CSU system to change

A mysterious masked entity stands in front of a red explosion.

Review: “American Horror Story: Apocalypse” is the end of AHS as we know it

“American Horror Story: Apocalypse” begins as the world is ending. The season opener is a strong first step into the

Alt-right mogul Steve Banon's mouth covered with a banner saying: "SILENCE SILENCE"

Uninviting Steve Bannon from the New Yorker festival is a mistake

Less than one day after announcing their lineup, the New Yorker Festival dropped Steve Bannon, and conservatives couldn’t be

guy in court room with judge looking down on him, there are three doors that say low risk, medium risk and high risk

The problem with eliminating bail in California

On Aug. 28, California became the first state to eliminate cash bail. The newly-passed law, under the bill name


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