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Ground beef in packaging at a grocery store with sale prices of $3, $4, $6.

Devil’s Advocate: There are greater food concerns than eating meat

People certainly benefit and enjoy eating meat, but concerns for animals and the environment are leading people to leave

trash bin with straws coming out, trash bags on the floor

Devil’s Advocate: The California Straw Bill will help reduce single-use plastic waste

Environmental protection in California has continued the momentum of Proposition 67 — which banned the use of single-use carryout

A student sees her reflection in the mirror. Looking back at her are three versions of herself. On the left, she's a scientist in a lab coat. On the right is a businesswoman in a suit. In the middle, is a graduate adorned in cap and gown holding a diploma.

Students overcome academic challenges with support from Cal State Fullerton

The first year of college can be exciting, intimidating and overwhelming. Incoming freshmen may wonder if they should find


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