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Cal State Fullerton releases limited documents that led up to firing of former Dean of the Pollak Library Clem Guthro

Cal State Fullerton won’t release certain documents regarding the administration’s decision to fire Clem Guthro, the well-liked former Dean

A weird figure thing posing on the cover of an album.

6 songs to help you make it out of graduation alive

As a sophomore who may or may not have enough credits to get to junior standing, my cap and

An illustration of a disgruntled disney princess, holding a sign that reads "Living wages!"

Disney labor unions seek ‘Living Wage’ with new ballot measure

An unprecedented movement by labor unions to raise Disney park and resort worker wages, through city legislation, is facing

An illustration of a hand holding a vial of a hazardous chemical substance.

State audit says CSU needs to improve handling of hazardous materials

UPDATE: This article was updated on April 30 to include the Cal State Fullerton administration's response to the state auditor's

A list of temporary and permanent academic deans at Cal State Fullerton.

Nearly half of the academic deans at CSUF are in temporary positions after the firing of former library dean Clem Guthro

With the firing of Clem Guthro as library dean and the appointment of his interim replacement Emily Bonney, nearly

A protester holds a sign that reads "DEFEND DACA"

Federal judge rules that the federal government must continue DACA and accept new applications from undocumented immigrants

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that protections for some undocumented immigrants in the U.S. stay in place, and that


Librarians across the country react to the firing of former CSUF library dean Clem Guthro

Founding Pollak librarian Ernest Toy and his wife Beverly, who is associate university librarian emeritus at UC Irvine, have

A white outline of the Pollak Library against a red backdrop

Former CSUF library dean Clem Guthro alleges university made false claims and misrepresented facts behind his firing

Former library dean Clem Guthro said Cal State Fullerton fired him without warning and berated him for holding up


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