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An illustration of an ROTC student hold books

The Cal State Fullerton ROTC program gives students military experience outside of the classroom

The curriculum of the Reserve Officers Training Program, ROTC, is different than that of the average Cal State Fullerton

An illustration of a Carolina Reaper pepper on the front page of the New York Times. The title of the article says "He ate the world's hottest pepper," and the content says "peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers and nearly died." Variations of the phrase "peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers" are repeated as the articles content.

A Carolina Reaper-related hospitalization isn’t worthy of New York Times coverage

The New York Times recently took on the eccentric world of chili peppers and published an article in April

The California bullet train rushes through with money flying on both sides.

Californians need to embrace the bullet train as a viable option of transportation

Transportation has evolved to become more efficient and safer, and Americans have advanced from the horse and buggy to

An image of a woman facing away from the crosswalk light, looking at her phone. She has one earbud in and is reaching behind her to hit the crosswalk button.

Laws banning distracted walking will make crosswalks safer

Smartphone users are starting to become so obsessed with staring at what’s happening on their screens that they aren’t

A coffee cup and coffee beans with a warning label that says it could possibly cause cancer.

Proposition 65 mislabels coffee by adding cancer warning labels

Whatever nickname it has at home — morning joe, java, rocket fuel — coffee is a necessary indulgence that

A crowd of potential students and their families gather on campus for welcome to cal state fullerton day

Potential CSUF students and their families come to campus for Welcome to Cal State Fullerton Day

Thousands of potential CSUF students and their families flooded the campus Saturday for the annual Welcome to California State

A student explains their research to another student

Cal State Fullerton Students showcase their work at Student Creative Activity and Research Day

From scientific experiments to the cultural differences among students in the classroom, graduate and undergraduate students at Cal State

A dog, sitting behind a caged door, pants with his tongue hanging out of his mouth

Orange County Animal Care opens new 10-acre shelter in Tustin

Hundreds of furry faces gained a new reason to wag their tails as Orange County Animal Care celebrated the


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