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A woman is illustrated pointing at a screen. The screen has various religious symbols.

Republican favoritism of Christianity fuels supremacist beliefs

A few weeks ago, President Donald Trump and Republican politicians advocated for Bible literacy classes across American classrooms. This

Tourists riding on top of an elephant

Elephant tourism hurts animals and indigenous cultures

In Cambodia, tourism has been rising in recent years to the detriment of the local way of life. Usually,

There is a meme of a girl with a red jacket walking away as a guy checks out the girl in the red jacket and his girlfriend looks angry with him. The girl in the red jacket is labeled "memes", the guy is label "American citizens" and the girlfriend is labeled "healthy political discourse."

Memes can create an extremely damaging view of politics

With just a quick search on Google, the wonderful world of memes presents a large bounty of content regarding

Illustration of a woman lies in bed in a purple shaded room, gazing outside at a crowd of people through an orange tinted window.

Breast cancer awareness leaves out most vulnerable

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which takes place during October, is centered around the idea that people should continue to


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