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Hannah holding half of a spam musubi, which is spam on rice wrapped in seaweed

Dumpling Duo: The third annual Titan Night Market at CSUF left us hungry

We’ve eaten everywhere from food festivals in Los Angeles to dives in New York, but today we decided to

illustration of Tracy, Hannah and Gabe on a pirate ship

Dumpling Duo: Fullerton’s new restaurant, Pirates Kitchen, nearly made us walk the plank

We didn’t know what we were walking into – ropes, flags with skulls and fake lobsters decorated the walls

illustration of brandon, amy, tracy, hannah, kristina and evan at Kavasutra

Dumpling Duo: We put the the kava tea hype to the test

The subway screeched to a halt as cold wanderers waited for its arrival. It was just past 1 a.m.

A burrito cut in half and stuffed with carne asada, rice and beans.

Dumpling Duo: A tourist’s guide to some of the best restaurants in New York

We landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport around 9 p.m. EST for a college media conference, ravenous and


Dumpling Duo: Smorgasburg LA is a foodie’s heaven

In one corner of a packed parking lot, southern-style savory meats rotating over a low flame sent delicious smoky

This is a photo of three students working on their formula car.

Cal State Fullerton students build a car to compete in the Formula SAE race

Scraps of metal and car parts clutter the shelves of a garage in the heart of the engineering building.


‘Maze Runner: The Death Cure’ lacks depth and originality

An angsty leader who isn’t quite sure how to lead, a love triangle and a weird, self-gratifying group of


CSUF theater technicians illuminate productions behind the scenes

Singing passengers held on to the wings of a biplane as it swiftly landed on stage. The 600-pound plane


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