Author: Jennifer Garcia

a girl walks out of a building

Resources that can help make life after graduation a little less overwhelming

Life after graduation can seem daunting; it’s a time when graduates are looking for jobs, going to graduate school

A woman prayers in between rows of books in a library

Cal State Fullerton students struggle to pray on campus due to lack of dedicated prayer room

Looking for a place to pray on campus at Cal State Fullerton is a daily struggle for Maisune Elhaija,

A student stands on stage while she is recognized for an award

CSUF recognizes student leaders and organizations at annual Tuffy Awards

Cal State Fullerton students, faculty and staff gathered in the Titan Student Union Pavilions on Thursday for the fourth

An empty classroom with "away on strike" written on the chalkboard.

Supporting teacher strikes resolves not only a teacher’s issue, but a community issue as well

Having weekends, summers and holidays off sounds like a dream job, but a public school teacher whose options are

women on panel speaks to the audience

Women challenge stereotypes against Muslims during panel at CSUF

Three women shared how it feels to be Muslim in a society where wearing a hijab, a Muslim headscarf,

Equestrian team members from Cal State Fullerton stand with their horses Smokey and Prince.

CSUF equestrian team brings riders together under new coach Danielle Yater

El Rodeo Equestrian Center is a quick blink away from missing the left turn down a gravel path on

Political science and economics professors clash over domestic issues on a debate panel

CSUF economics and political science faculty clash over national issues like social security and taxes

“Sorry, go ahead,” was a common remark during Cal State Fullerton’s first “Econ vs. Poli-Sci Faculty Debate,” which seemed

Stacy Guzman creates molecules that are used as potent anti-cancer agents.

CSUF student Stacy Guzman receives award for cancer research

Four summers ago at Citrus College, Stacy Guzman took some scholarship money she won and, with the help of


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