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Cal State Fullerton’s commuter culture negatively impacts air quality on campus

Commuter behavior poses a threat to Cal State Fullerton’s ability to meet air quality pollution standards set by the

(Anita Huor / Daily Titan)

CSUF athletes are motivated to reach the professional level

Most college athletes have the desire to become professional athletes but only a small number actually break through and

CSUF students make their way to the tables to create their own crafts such as ornaments.

CSUF hosts winter carnival to help students destress from finals

With the temperature dropping below 60 degrees outside, the scene was set for a winter carnival at Cal State

CSUF won its first commissioner's cup in 2018

Budget increases helped CSUF athletics win the 2018 Big West Commissioner’s Cup

Cal State Fullerton won the Big West Commissioner’s Cup during the 2017-18 school year for the first time in

Peer Health University Network set up a table on Titan Walk to inform students about sleeping habits.

Peer Health University Network hosts Rest Before the Test

With finals less than three weeks away, the Peer Health University Network Club held a “Rest Before the Test”

Big plays are much more memorable than greatest games

CSUF Veteran Resource Center brings out camradery in annual flag football game

Every year, the CSUF Army ROTC program and veteran students meet to play a flag football game at the

Forward Taylor Salgado awaits a referee's call during CSUF women's soccer last home game in the season on Oct. 25.

CSUF women’s soccer draws tie against UC Irvine in final home game

With the CSUF women’s soccer team playing its final home game on Thursday night, the Titans finished their home

Cal State Fullerton Forensics team and iRwanda Debate Team had a debate about genocide.

Cal State Fullerton Forensics and iDebate Rwanda Team talk genocide

Rwandan debaters visited Cal State Fullerton Sept. 27 to debate the topic of “In the Aftermath of Genocide: Forgiveness


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