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Titans move into their temporary on-campus homes

  Walking around Cal State Fullerton before fall semester is like entering a deserted ghost town, aside from the few

Members of The Vaccines pose with emotionless faces.

Is It a Banger?: The Vaccines’ progression highlights their versatility

British rock band, The Vaccines are no strangers to creating a new attitude or different tune with each new

A player participating as a zombie with realistic makeup roams the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa as part of Zedtown USA.

Zombies invade the Orange County Fairgrounds as part of Zedtown

A post-apocalyptic showdown between zombies and Nerf gun-wielding survivors made for a thrilling, adrenaline-fueled experience for participants in the

A row of CDs and records in a music store.

Is It a Banger?: Major record labels do more harm than good for their artists

Sliding through the living room hall “Risky Business” style, breaking out “Guitar Hero” and acing the solo for Black

An illustration of a chef tasting a soup with a shark fin in it. A chart showing shark population going down hangs on the wall behind.

Overhunting makes the planet less sustainable

The worst game at arcades has to be “Deer Hunting USA.” It may be a shady and repressed childhood


Earplugs should be provided at concerts to lessen noise-induced hearing loss

Concerts are the best events known to man; people stand in the crowd watching their idols perform right before


Is It a Banger?: Eliminating CDs takes away an irreplaceable aspect of music

Music has different ways of making itself known — at a concert in between every onlooker, through the blaring


Is it a Banger?: Times are changing and musicians need to as well

Music has been taken under the wing of evolution, and no, I’m not talking about finches or the Galápagos


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