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A photo of Rami Perlman giving advice to CSUF's Music Industry club.

Space Yacht entrepreneur group gives industry advice to CSUF students

Space Yacht, a Los Angeles events collective, was invited by the Cal State Fullerton Music Industry Club on Tuesday

This is a photo of a person who is surrounded by colorful Vietnamese umbrellas.

Lunar New Year celebrations continue at Tet Festival

The aroma of freshly cooked meat, the sound of foreign words mixing together in the background and distant drumming

A photo of red envelopes hanging from the top of a tent.

Lunar New Year festivities happening this weekend all across Orange County

The start of the Lunar New Year begins on Feb. 5, but it’s not too late to participate in

Two people standing in front of a TV and looking at a commercial that reads "DEVOUR" and "FROZEN FOODS."

The best and worst of the 2019 Super Bowl commercials

Millions of viewers tuned in to watch football during the 2019 Super Bowl but the real attraction was the

Keynote speaker Shari-Feng Ho wears Taiwanese clothing as she stands in the middle of the stage.

Human trafficking survivor sparks awareness at CSUF

After being deprived of her freedom for 20 years, Shari-Feng Ho has dedicated herself to fighting human trafficking, using

Illustration of a red moon with a howling wolf behind it in the sky.

The super blood wolf moon fails to impress

The super blood wolf moon on Jan. 20 turned out to be like online catfishing; while its name exuded

An illustration of a girl contemplating New Year's resolutions.

Column: Ten tips to fulfill your 2019 New Year’s resolutions

January is almost over, but 2019 is still full of experiences waiting to happen. For some, the first month


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