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A crowd of people are depicted protesting. They are holding signs saying "F Trump!", "Stop Hate", "Impeach Now". In the middle are three signs that says "How do we stop hate?", "Direct Action", "Civil Disobedience". There are bushes, buildings, and a blue sky in the background.

Perspective: In wake of gun violence, peaceful protests should be embraced

The world has come to live in a constant state of pointless war when peaceful protests and compromises prove

A woman is laying on her bed looking at her phone. She is in lingerie, and one of her hands is down her underwear. Under her bed there are three X's, representing XXX films.

Pornography is not limited to one gender

Laying in bed at night, phone in hand, lights off and alone. The people on the screen are kissing,

Students preparing to register their bikes after they've been repaired.

University Police hosts bike registration event in Quad

Cal State Fullerton University Police hosted an event for cycling commuters to get their bikes checked and registered on

Governor Newsom's new plan could give the CSU system as much as $500 million this year and $300 million over the next several years.

CSUF awaits Governor Newsom’s potential CSU budget increase

Well into the second month of the year the Cal State Universities are still looking forward to the potential


Where CSUF’s water comes from and how it’s maintained

Cal State Fullerton’s water supply comes from the city of Fullerton, which gets its water from the Metropolitan Water

A blue passenger plane flies over a green planet carrying a wide-eyed traveler to a new destination.

Column: Traveling can be an enriching experience

There is nothing in the world that I feel more passionate about than traveling; it is a need that

Photo of rocky shoreline with bridge in background.

San Diego offers a diverse mix of things to do over break

San Diego is just a ticket away San Diego is a port city, a college town and a military


College rape cases go unreported and survivors go unaided

Three rapes have been reported on or near Cal State Fullerton in the past year, but none has led


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