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An illustration of NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite in space. A little green alien peeks out from the back of the satellite.

NASA searching for alien life exemplifies scientific curiosity and discovery

It looks like NASA’s scientists remain hopeful about the possibility of alien existence, as they plan to launch the

An illustration of two boys. One is saying "Congratulations on you're spelling–." The other one has a crown on with the words "Spelling Bee Champion" on it and is slapping him saying "It's spelled YOUR!"

The upcoming Scripps National Spelling Bee is a reminder for the nation to improve its vocabulary

It’s time to take a page from elementary school kids who are winning their regional competitions in hopes of

Edgar Allen's poem of Annabel Lee on the hair of a woman.

Slam poetry competitions are keeping poetry alive

While many may find poetry to be a rare form of expression these days, it still lives and breathes.


Trendy food posts on Instagram are an eyesore

Dear Instagram Foodie, I’ve seen your posts for a while now, from sushi doughnuts to rainbow bagels to just


Designers like Alexander Wang and Dior address gender inequality with empowering fashion statements

This year has reinvented fashion for women, starting with the Golden Globes fashion movement. Fashion designers aren’t just designing


Devil’s Advocate: Zero waste lifestyle is garbage

They typically hang out around the farmers market, carrying cloth bags, refusing plastic straws and channeling their inner hippie


Advertisements for the Super Bowl are getting too expensive for advertisers to benefit

For one afternoon of the year, football fans have the freedom to turn up the volume of their televisions


President Donald Trump’s feedback loop with Fox News gives him little time to actually lead

To say that President Donald Trump prefers conservative media over others isn’t a far-fetched notion, it’s the sad truth.


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