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Photo of recycle bins that are distributed around campus.

Chemistry 492 class reveals CSUF students aren’t recycling properly

Students in Chemistry 492 found that CSUF was having issues with recycling properly after auditing the university’s recycling program

hands holding a planet surrounded by stars and astrological sings

Astrology horoscopes are meant to be entertaining

Like the comforting pastime that it is, astrology is available when a person needs it most. It can be

Two dancers end up in an intimate embrace during a dance number.

Review: The “Fall Dance Theatre” delivers strong performances to end the semester

Little Theatre became home to an energetic series of beautiful dance performances on Thursday evening as Cal State

Cal State Fullerton students in the College Republicans club announced that speaker Dave Rubin is set to speak on Jan. 29

College Republicans announce next speaker one year after Milo Yiannopoulos

Cal State Fullerton students in the College Republicans club erupted in cheers on Tuesday when President Brooke Paz announced

Newly elected women march on Washington.

Midterms see women win big in House

The 2018 midterms marked more than the arrival of an incoming blue wave in Capitol Hill; it set a

The cast of "Mr. Burns: A Post Electric Play" performs a song from their dark comedy play.

Review: “Mr. Burns: A Post Electric Play” distorts the story of “The Simpsons” in a nuclear apocalypse

Panicked survivors of the end of the world sang pop hits and portrayed the episode “Cape Feare” from “The


Review: ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ offers a more dramatic and horror-filled spin on a witch classic

All it took was an endearing half-witch, half-mortal and a heavy dose of supernatural horror to make “The Chilling

There is a meme of a girl with a red jacket walking away as a guy checks out the girl in the red jacket and his girlfriend looks angry with him. The girl in the red jacket is labeled "memes", the guy is label "American citizens" and the girlfriend is labeled "healthy political discourse."

Memes can create an extremely damaging view of politics

With just a quick search on Google, the wonderful world of memes presents a large bounty of content regarding