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A crowd of people are depicted protesting. They are holding signs saying "F Trump!", "Stop Hate", "Impeach Now". In the middle are three signs that says "How do we stop hate?", "Direct Action", "Civil Disobedience". There are bushes, buildings, and a blue sky in the background.

Perspective: To end gun violence, direct action must take place

The deadliest shooting in New Zealand’s modern history occurred on March 15, as an extremist attacked two mosques in

Students surrounded by a winding clock waiting for advising.

Advising fails to meet CSUF students’ needs

If there’s anything that Cal State Fullerton has taught me to absolutely dread, it’s the necessary but frustrating process

a drawing of the instagram, facebook, and twitter logo typing on phones while sitting on a bridge. Under the bridge is a troll

Open letter: Internet trolls leech life out of journalistic freedom

Dear angry internet trolls and toxic story commentators, To put it lightly, I think you can be the absolute

a photo of Girl Scout cookies on a plate next to a orange cup that says Daily Titan

The Daily Titan ranks Girl Scout cookies

Though Girl Scouts may not be in college, their wondrous cookies still make it into the mouths of hungry

Photo of recycle bins that are distributed around campus.

Chemistry 492 class reveals CSUF students aren’t recycling properly

Students in Chemistry 492 found that CSUF was having issues with recycling properly after auditing the university’s recycling program

hands holding a planet surrounded by stars and astrological sings

Astrology horoscopes are meant to be entertaining

Like the comforting pastime that it is, astrology is available when a person needs it most. It can be

Two dancers end up in an intimate embrace during a dance number.

Review: The “Fall Dance Theatre” delivers strong performances to end the semester

Little Theatre became home to an energetic series of beautiful dance performances on Thursday evening as Cal State

Cal State Fullerton students in the College Republicans club announced that speaker Dave Rubin is set to speak on Jan. 29

College Republicans announce next speaker one year after Milo Yiannopoulos

Cal State Fullerton students in the College Republicans club erupted in cheers on Tuesday when President Brooke Paz announced


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