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Golf carts for the athletics department can range anywhere from $8,000 to $11,000.

University Police address repercussions of stealing a golf cart

Clarification: This article was changed at 1:44 a.m. on Thursday Nov. 8 to make clear that when University police


Elderly woman stabbed to death in Fullerton

A 92-year-old woman was stabbed and killed Sunday, Nov. 4 on the 900 block of Creekside Drive in Fullerton.

Characters in the play bunch together under fluorescent light

‘Children of Eden’ play sheds new light on the book of Genesis at Little Theatre

Little Theatre became a forest filled with joyous singers and wild animals as Cal State Fullerton began its first

A performer offers a colorful bouquet to a towering skeleton bride on stilts.

Día de los Muertos festival breathes life into Los Angeles

Dancing skeletons filled the central plaza of Olvera Street in Los Angeles as a vibrant celebration of death took

University police car in the quad

Police report 25 incidents of petty theft in last 2 months

There were 11 incidents of petty theft in September and 15 incidents thus far in October, according to a

A lithograph in taupe in black with a border of vines of leaves and berries. A witch with long hair draping down under a pointed hat wearing a robe and holding a kid. She gazes past the viewer to the left. Behind her is a landscape of black fields and mountains and a taupe lake, sky, and swirling clouds.

People foster many misconceptions about witches

Whimsical, powerful witches have once again made their way to the small screen, as reboots of “Charmed” and the

Faculty meeting to discuss student disabilities.

Disability Support Services speaker teaches acceptance

Students with disabilities can experience physical and attitudinal barriers on a college campus, said Rosalind Blackstar, assistant director of

Pumpkin Nights features several scary pumpkin and spiders decorations

Pumpkin Nights bring fright and fun for all ages in Pomona

Pumpkins transformed into dragons, pirates, spiders and numerous other decorative forms at Pumpkin Nights on Saturday in Pomona. Despite


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