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trash bin with straws coming out, trash bags on the floor

Devil’s Advocate: The California straw bill is wasteful and doesn’t create significant environmental impact

California is taking its eco-friendliness to the next level as lawmakers passed a bill on Aug. 23, which made

Girl trapped in a safety net between high school and top college

Column: Dealing with failure when Cal State Fullerton wasn’t your first choice college

As an overachieving (and undoubtedly pretentious) freshman heading to college in 2016, I always prided myself in knowing what

A girl riding a unicorn floatie rides a wave coming out of a water fountain.

Fixing freshmen woes: the best places at Cal State Fullerton to beat the heat

Any lost freshmen anxiously wandering around Cal State Fullerton’s open desert-esque campus in search of their classroom might find

An empty classrom

Lectures aren’t a suitable method for teaching college students

All it takes is a restless night and a semi-dim classroom to fall asleep to a professor who’s droning

An illustration of Colin Kaepernick looking at a football pensively.

Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have to turn his back on the NFL to advocate effectively

Last month former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was given the opportunity to work with the Seattle Seahawks,


The future of print journalism lies in stubborn and strong writers

It’s the 40th anniversary of Comm Week at Cal State Fullerton, and it’s time to address the elephant in

An illustration of NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite in space. A little green alien peeks out from the back of the satellite.

NASA searching for alien life exemplifies scientific curiosity and discovery

It looks like NASA’s scientists remain hopeful about the possibility of alien existence, as they plan to launch the

An illustration of two boys. One is saying "Congratulations on you're spelling–." The other one has a crown on with the words "Spelling Bee Champion" on it and is slapping him saying "It's spelled YOUR!"

The upcoming Scripps National Spelling Bee is a reminder for the nation to improve its vocabulary

It’s time to take a page from elementary school kids who are winning their regional competitions in hopes of


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