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Cal State Fullerton celebrates National Coming Out day.

Titans come out to celebrate the LGBTQ community

A balloon-rainbow arch swayed in the central Quad on Thursday, welcoming students to participate in interactive arts and crafts

The main characters of the play stare off into the audience.

“Bee-luther-hatchee” debuts for CSUF fall theater season

Cal State Fullerton’s fall theater production of “Bee-luther-hatchee” sets a mighty example of what can be done with a

Six Japanese students pose in front of Langsdorf Hall.

Japanese students learn the quirks of American culture at CSUF

Correction: This article was updated at 12:43 a.m. on Wednesday, September 26 to correct the spelling of Jin-ai University and

a man with no face sitting in a chair in front of microphone, the man is on stand in court

Kavanaugh hearing is an important part of the #MeToo movement

Ever since Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination in July, Democrats and Republicans have wreaked havoc on one another — even

red lips

‘Insatiable’ lacks integrity for covering edgy material

Netflix viewers are going to be crying tears — and not of laughter — because the streaming service has

A sixteen year old carries a skateboard and has an I voted sticker on his shirt with an American flag

Devil’s Advocate: Lowering the voting age is a pointless and won’t inspire political change

With the recent rise of youth activism across the country, the debate of lowering the voting age to 16

trash bin with straws coming out, trash bags on the floor

Devil’s Advocate: The California straw bill is wasteful and doesn’t create significant environmental impact

California is taking its eco-friendliness to the next level as lawmakers passed a bill on Aug. 23, which made

Girl trapped in a safety net between high school and top college

Column: Dealing with failure when Cal State Fullerton wasn’t your first choice college

As an overachieving (and undoubtedly pretentious) freshman heading to college in 2016, I always prided myself in knowing what