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A photo of a knight's helmet.

‘Echoes of Steel’ exhibit displays European Martial Arts, swords and Renaissance history

Decorated with swords and books, the Atrium Gallery in the Pollak Library displays another temporary exhibit. "Echoes of Steel:

A boy yelling into a mega phone with the word Stuttering space out right in the middle of the word

Column: Stuttering doesn’t define who I am

I’ve stuttered since I had the ability to talk. I have never been able to hide it or avoid

A tan, striped, speckled rock against a black sky spattered with stars ponders the question ...What am I?

Pluto should still be considered a planet

Pluto was considered a planet until 2006, when the International Astronomical Union changed the definition of a planet and

Jeff Reitz holds his Disneyland Annual Pass to the camera.

Air Force veteran Jeff Reitz has visited Disneyland every day for the past 7 years

Jeff Reitz takes Disneyland trips to a whole new level as he has visited Disneyland every day since 2011.

An illustration of a laurel wreath.

Review: ‘Circe’ by Madeline Miller is an outstanding Halloween read

“Circe” by Madeline Miller is the perfect Halloween read with an ancient twist. Readers can delve into the tale

Illustration showing different housing locations of students around CSUF

Living situations often determine a student’s college experience

For 19-year-old criminal justice major John Risenhoover, on-campus housing at Cal State Fullerton certainly has its perks. “If I lived

ODEX 1, the six-legged robot, stands among other pieces and parts in CSUF's mechanical engineering lab

Defunct, aging robot Odex-1 awaits fate in CSUF mechanical engineering lab

Covered with dust and gadgets, Cal State Fullerton’s 35-year-old robot, ODEX 1, needs repair. ODEX 1, a functionoid walking robot,


‘Star Trek’ served as an inspiration for technological advancements

“Star Trek” first aired in 1966 but was incredibly futuristic and influential for its time. The show featured groundbreaking


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