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four students display their project in front of audience

K-12 students gathered in the CSUF Titan Student Union to offer solutions for environmental issues

Food waste, alternative energy, bee preservation and global climate change were some of the issues tackled at the fifth

Test tubes are drying near the sink.

At-home genetic tests can give misleading results

After struggling to receive clearance for consumers on health-related genetics testing in 2013, 23andMe has now been approved by


Penny Nance is stuck in the past if she attempts to dismiss Anita Hill’s new role in Hollywood

The current political climate in Hollywood has brought workplace sexual misconduct back into the forefront of public discussion, and


California is rolling out new DUI laws due to the legalization of marijuana, but things are still hazy

With the arrival of the new year, California has finally converted to a red, white and green state and


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