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an illustration of a red car with a girl sleeping in the car. The front passenger seat window is broken and there is a water bottle and money on the seat.

Column: Staying at my monotonous job to survive

I woke up with a start. It took me a minute to realize where I was. Like many nights

A recycle bin on the quad of the CSUF campus encourages students to recycle straws, plastic bags and styrofoam.

CSU system set to phase out single use plastic items by 2023

The California State Universities require all campuses to phase out single-use plastic items such as plasticware and Styrofoam containers

Illustration of a couple holding hands at a table.

Devil’s Advocate: Dating in person is preferable to online meet-ups

Every so often, soulmates find each other in this vast sea of people. Maybe it’s a miracle, or Cupid’s


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