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A drawing of a mouse sleeping, waiting for Santa Claus to come.

CSUF alumnus’ animation aspirations come to life at DreamWorks

Many students can think back to their childhood and recall how they answered the question of what they wanted

a person scribbles down a few lines of poetry

Column: Students who aren’t art majors can still find creative outlets off-campus

Here I was. Without a call or a name or a place to call home; and yet the home, when I looked up and saw

CSUF softball team celebrating

How the seniors of CSUF softball changed the team’s culture to secure its third-straight Big West conference championship

Senior day is typically met with a mix of joyful and saddening emotions for most athletes. However, the graduating


Top websites that offers widely accessible tools for graduates to find jobs

Congratulations, you’ve just graduated. The only problem is you don’t have a job. However, with the internet being so widely


Budgeting and building credit early can help prepare students for life’s expenses

Moving out for the first time can feel like a leap of faith, but with the right budget it

a girl walks out of a building

Resources that can help make life after graduation a little less overwhelming

Life after graduation can seem daunting; it’s a time when graduates are looking for jobs, going to graduate school

Theresa Harvey poses for a head shot.

CSUF alumna Theresa Harvey’s experiences on campus have led her to a role as CEO and president of the North Orange County Chamber of Commerce

CEO and President of the North Orange County Chamber of Commerce, CSUF alumna Theresa Harvey graduated in 1980 and


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