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an illustration of a red car with a girl sleeping in the car. The front passenger seat window is broken and there is a water bottle and money on the seat.

Column: Staying at my monotonous job to survive

I woke up with a start. It took me a minute to realize where I was. Like many nights

This is an illustration of three lipsticks, each a different shape, size, and color.

Column: Wet N Wild MegaLast lipsticks are matte not Mac

Treating yourself no longer has to break your bank account. Yes, it is possible to keep up with the

An illustration of people in different countries communicating through WhatsApp.

Column: WhatsApp has united my family from Ontario to Zacatecas

The driving distance between Ontario, California, and Zacatecas, Mexico is 1,409 miles. The majority of my family, including my

Illustration of February 14 with a person looking at their healthy roses, the next day they are wilting.

Column: Valentine’s Day is a day for myself, friends and family

Valentine's Day lacks meaning. People who participate in Valentine’s Day only focus on whether or not they have a

This illustration is of serums, face masks and spa tools.

Column: Aztec Healing Clay mask helped clear up my skin on a budget

As broke college students, it can be grueling to allow ourselves to splurge on luxury beauty skin care products, especially

A photo of a man who is shuffling through papers that feature several different poems.

Column: Spoken word poetry, my hidden talent unleashed

I didn’t become a poet. Poetry was a beast inside of me, barking and howling at the ill-confined cage

A woman is in front of a forever 21 store. In the windows there is a lot of clothes in the regular section there is a full rack of clothes. On the right there is a small amount of clothes on the plus-size rack. The woman looks towards the plus-size rack with annoyance.

Open Letter: Forever 21 disappoints with its lack of plus-sized clothing options

Dear Forever 21, Women’s plus-size clothing doesn’t have to be segregated to the smallest corners of your stores, as

Portland's slogan "KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD."

Column: Novelty and essence in the city of Portland

Portland, Oregon, is a city whose aura is defined by the juxtaposition between its earthy woodlands and fast-paced city


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