Illustration of February 14 with a person looking at their healthy roses, the next day they are wilting.

Column: Valentine’s Day is a day for myself, friends and family

Valentine's Day lacks meaning. People who participate in Valentine’s Day only focus on whether or not they have a

This illustration is of serums, face masks and spa tools.

Column: Aztec Healing Clay mask helped clear up my skin on a budget

As broke college students, it can be grueling to allow ourselves to splurge on luxury beauty skin care products, especially

A photo of a man who is shuffling through papers that feature several different poems.

Column: Spoken word poetry, my hidden talent unleashed

I didn’t become a poet. Poetry was a beast inside of me, barking and howling at the ill-confined cage

A woman is in front of a forever 21 store. In the windows there is a lot of clothes in the regular section there is a full rack of clothes. On the right there is a small amount of clothes on the plus-size rack. The woman looks towards the plus-size rack with annoyance.

Open Letter: Forever 21 disappoints with its lack of plus-sized clothing options

Dear Forever 21, Women’s plus-size clothing doesn’t have to be segregated to the smallest corners of your stores, as

Portland's slogan "KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD."

Column: Novelty and essence in the city of Portland

Portland, Oregon, is a city whose aura is defined by the juxtaposition between its earthy woodlands and fast-paced city

The nightlife in Dotonbori features fluorescent lights, street food vendors and local bars.

Column: Two brothers reunited in Japan

When I woke from my nap, my body was still strapped to the coffin-like dimensions of my seat. The

A photo of transfer student Julian Serrano in front of Cal State Fullerton sign.

Column: From a Mt. San Antonio Mountie to a CSUF Titan

At the age of 17 I began my first semester at Mt. San Antonio College. I recall feeling overwhelmed

A photo of visitors at the Shwedagon Pagoda.

Column: A glimpse into Myanmar culture

California may be the Golden State, but about 7,785 miles across the Pacific Ocean is the “Golden Land” of


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