These products all were highly anticipated, but the end result was far less than what was hoped.

Technology that never took off over the past 30 years

New and advancing technology can be difficult, but these are a few technological fails that did not  last very

screenshot of Apex Legends game.

‘Apex Legends’ is the new Fortnite for battle royale game lovers

A new battle royale game has taken the gaming community by storm and provides a fresh, yet ambitious, twist

A screenshot of the gameplay within Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Review: Nintendo’s ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ is astonishing

One last character of hope stands among countless perished heroes. In a snap, a slew of characters were met


Review: ‘Battlefield V’ defies controversy with stunning gameplay

The attention to graphic detail and cinematic gameplay that “Battlefield V” has makes it a leading representative of modern-day

Students participate in the gaming expo called SIEGE at the TSU at CSUF.

CSUF League of Legends Club president helps gaming community thrive on campus

CORRECTION: This is an updated version modified on May 3 at 4:12 p.m. to reflect accuracy within the story

ODEX 1, the six-legged robot, stands among other pieces and parts in CSUF's mechanical engineering lab

Defunct, aging robot Odex-1 awaits fate in CSUF mechanical engineering lab

Covered with dust and gadgets, Cal State Fullerton’s 35-year-old robot, ODEX 1, needs repair. ODEX 1, a functionoid walking robot,

Kirby about to swallow something or somebody.

‘Kirby Star Allies’ for the Nintendo Switch offers great replayability despite its short story and easy level of difficulty

It’s hard to be in a bad mood when playing a Kirby game. Simplistic, casual fun has been a staple


Students bond over “Super Smash Bros.” brawls

Beyond their shared interest in Nintendo characters like Mario, Donkey Kong and Pikachu, gamers in the Smash Club of


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