A laptop with a Google search bar, but the two 'o's are angry eyes with furrowed brows glaring back at the user.

Google loses sight of founding principles with China deal

Google is basically the gatekeeper of the internet. Its algorithms control which websites come up first when people use

A boy yelling into a mega phone with the word Stuttering space out right in the middle of the word

Column: Stuttering doesn’t define who I am

I’ve stuttered since I had the ability to talk. I have never been able to hide it or avoid

a person sitting on their bed with just their foot showing, there is a laptop and post cards laying on the bed

Column: Online friendships deserve genuine recognition

Every morning I let the light from my computer screen thaw my face while I message my friends who

A sillhoutte of someone walking away from a ball and chain, breaking the chain heading to the sun.

Column: Prevailing in a struggle against depression

Just as every keyhole has a unique key that opens doors, people can also unlock their pathway to living

A picture of the green sign hanging above the I-5 South freeway reading "HOV 2+ Only"

The high occupancy vehicle lane hurts commuters

With over 23 million licenses issued in California, and over 394,000 miles of road to use in the Golden

hands holding a planet surrounded by stars and astrological sings

Astrology horoscopes are meant to be entertaining

Like the comforting pastime that it is, astrology is available when a person needs it most. It can be

guy looks into the mirror and sees a Kpop fan

K-pop sets unrealistic beauty standards for men

Dear K-pop fans, I’m sorry to break it to you, but your obsession with K-pop is just too much for

girls look at a book and sees a random jumble of letters and numbers

Column: The challenges of not knowing you have dyslexia in college

Learning the sequence of the alphabet is as easy as adding 4 plus 5, but if you’re dyslexic, there’s


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