Flags are in the background. A silhouette of a soldier faces a person protesting.

OPINION: Israel’s response to weekly border protests was justified

As Israel approaches its 70 years of independence as a democratic Jewish state, it faces a weekly threat from


The future of print journalism lies in stubborn and strong writers

It’s the 40th anniversary of Comm Week at Cal State Fullerton, and it’s time to address the elephant in

An image of a hallway in the student health center.

More college students should get STD tests

Getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases/infections is easier than ever, but most people under the age of 25 are

Person being buried in a sandbox.

Biodegradable burial pods are more eco-friendly than traditional funeral options

Those who decide on embalming and burial because they’re traditionally the most common and respectful ways of handling the


Letter to the Editor – In response to: ‘Californians need to embrace the bullet train as a viable option of transportation’

While Cole Graves made some valid points in his op-ed commentary regarding the bullet train proposal, (“California’s bullet train

An illustration of a Starbucks cup on its side, spilling coffee. The Starbucks mermaid has a caption that says, "But I thought everyone was welcome?"

Starbucks could have easily prevented the racial profiling incident at its store in Philadelphia

On April 12, a viral video showing two black men being arrested inside a Starbucks in Philadelphia sparked public

The California bullet train rushes through with money flying on both sides.

Californians need to embrace the bullet train as a viable option of transportation

Transportation has evolved to become more efficient and safer, and Americans have advanced from the horse and buggy to

An image of a woman facing away from the crosswalk light, looking at her phone. She has one earbud in and is reaching behind her to hit the crosswalk button.

Laws banning distracted walking will make crosswalks safer

Smartphone users are starting to become so obsessed with staring at what’s happening on their screens that they aren’t


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