A group of people are depicted struggling to hold up a pyramid. At the top of the pyramid, a man is sitting with a big bag of money looking pleased with himself.

Multi-level marketing companies profit off of economic exploitation

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a terrible business model that can harm vulnerable individuals and communities that don’t know the

Computer screens with mouths and expletives written.

Rise in hate speech online alters algorithm data

There needs to be more laws and regulations that bar the use of online hate speech, making it a

A photo illustration of a wooden board that has a phone, notebook, pens and coffee mug on it.

Instagram influencers are not marketing tools worthy of investment

It seems as though there has never been a point in time when the fabricated strands of virtual, web-based

A picture of a person in blue, kneeling before a bright yellow Amazon locker, offering up money like it's sacred.

Amazon’s numerous investments may pose a dangerous monopoly

Amazon has its rich hands in just about everything. Early September, Amazon was valued at $1 trillion. Not only


How YouTube stars send the wrong message to their impressionable fans

YouTube started its new year of content on a low note with the release of Logan Paul’s video titled,


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