grey clouds with one lightning bolt coming down and rain

Column: Dealing with climate change anxiety

We’ve always associated existential threats with nature or humankind, and for the first time in history, our two greatest

A clock sits on a plate, surrounded by a fork and a knife.

Column: Fasting helped improve my eating habits

There are things that take precedence over my mealtime: If it’s not school, it’s work and then homework. My

A girl looking the mirror, on the outside she is smiling but in her reflection she is frowning

Column: Struggling with narrow beauty standards

I have never struggled more with confidence than I have in the past three years. As I’ve gained weight,

A graduating woman with curly brown hair, bright eyes, and a wide smile proudly holds up a diploma

Column: My missing internship requirement nearly kept me from graduating

Looking at my Titan Degree Audit, I knew I was getting close to the end of my college career.

girl holding a baby while sitting at a desk writing a paper with a computer and a book

Column: Juggling being a student and a single mother

I was never a firm believer in love at first sight - until my daughter was placed on my

Girl trapped in a safety net between high school and top college

Column: Dealing with failure when Cal State Fullerton wasn’t your first choice college

As an overachieving (and undoubtedly pretentious) freshman heading to college in 2016, I always prided myself in knowing what

A burrito cut in half and stuffed with carne asada, rice and beans.

Dumpling Duo: A tourist’s guide to some of the best restaurants in New York

We landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport around 9 p.m. EST for a college media conference, ravenous and


Sick students should stay away from campus

An open letter to the sick person next to me in class. Dear Sickly Sam, “Good to see you!” is what


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