An illustration of a bouquet of flowers dripping with color next to an engagement ring.

Column: I will not change my last name after I get married

Inside of every woman there is a constellation of events that shape her into who she is. Marriage is

Illustration of two human figures that are standing in front of a waving asexual flag.

Column: Asexuality fosters a special kind of love

To be alone on Valentine’s Day is considered a sin by societal standards. Commercials and advertisements are most successful

A girl is laying on her bed clutching a family portrait. She is wearing a Red Hot Chili Peppers t-shirt and listening to her portable music player.

Column: How to cope with the death of a loved one

Death is inevitable. Having to accept the end of a life of someone you love is something everyone encounters.

An illustration of a person sitting between tall buildings, and underneath a rain cloud.

Column: The NPR workshop changed my career

“Your largest fear carries your greatest growth,” a picture of this unknown author’s quote appeared on my Twitter feed

two boys sitting at a table next to each other, both are looking at a laptop

Column: Online classes helped me lead a more organized life at CSUF

Taking my first online class last semester at CSUF has made me realize that I don’t have to physically

River coming down from rocks in Iceland

Column: Crossing Iceland off my bucket list

When most people think of their dream travel destination, Iceland probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind.

A boy yelling into a mega phone with the word Stuttering space out right in the middle of the word

Column: Stuttering doesn’t define who I am

I’ve stuttered since I had the ability to talk. I have never been able to hide it or avoid

a person sitting on their bed with just their foot showing, there is a laptop and post cards laying on the bed

Column: Online friendships deserve genuine recognition

Every morning I let the light from my computer screen thaw my face while I message my friends who


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