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A drawing of a girl with glasses and brown hair, both halves of her face are two different shades

Column: Light skin doesn’t change my experience as a person of color

A person's experience should never be rescinded, undermined or negated. You have not had a single experience that is

An illustration of people in different countries communicating through WhatsApp.

Column: WhatsApp has united my family from Ontario to Zacatecas

The driving distance between Ontario, California, and Zacatecas, Mexico is 1,409 miles. The majority of my family, including my

A man is standing with his phone. On the left side he is smiling at his phone and there is a bright orange background with smiling faces. On the right side it is the same man, holding his phone and looking at it sadly. He is standing in front of a dark background with sad and upset faces.

Column: How a therapy chatbot improved my relationship with myself

In my experience, the best way to build relationships with others is to have a strong relationship with yourself.

a drawing of a man holding his hands up at airport security

Column: It’s Never a Random Airport Search

“Sir, we’re going to have to extensively pat down your groin and buttocks area,” said the very buff Transportation

Illustration of the author, and young versions of of herself.

Column: Why I Won’t Carry A Child

I can’t wait to have a child! Raising a mini-me is going to be so much fun! I’ve heard statements

A close-up drawing of a hand holding a phone. On the screen there is the words "It's a match!" showing two profiles and giving the options of sending a message or keep swiping through buttons.

Column: Tinder is a dating experience everyone should have

Tinder has become a cultural phenomenon since its launch in 2012, and its reputation varies widely depending on who

An illustration of a bouquet of flowers dripping with color next to an engagement ring.

Column: I will not change my last name after I get married

Inside of every woman there is a constellation of events that shape her into who she is. Marriage is

Illustration of two human figures that are standing in front of a waving asexual flag.

Column: Asexuality fosters a special kind of love

To be alone on Valentine’s Day is considered a sin by societal standards. Commercials and advertisements are most successful


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