Resume with a picture of person's picture with rainbow stripes filled in the persons figure, the resume has a red rejected stamp on it

Texas Christian conservative groups unfairly discriminate against LGBTQ workers

Texas Christian conservative groups, U.S. Pastors Council and Texas Values, believe that they have the right to legally discriminate

A clock sits on a plate, surrounded by a fork and a knife.

Column: Fasting helped improve my eating habits

There are things that take precedence over my mealtime: If it’s not school, it’s work and then homework. My

Banky's famous stencil "Girl With Balloon" of a silhoutte girl holding a heart-shaped red balloon sticking shredded half-way out the bottom of an ornate golden artist's frame. The girl's face is obscured by the golden frame.

Banksy’s “Love is in the Bin” calls out art capitalism

Many people think of Banksy as a shadow whose art permeates walls with marks they can’t ignore. But that’s

playstation 4 gaming console in front of tv

Cross-platform play may become the standard for all gaming

Cross-platform play, more commonly known as cross-play, is a term used within the gaming world in reference to online

A photo of Langsdorf hall

Editorial: Why its critical for young voters to participate in the midterm elections

Former Vice President Joe Biden arrived on campus last Thursday and voiced his support for five local congressional candidates

A Whole Foods employee's smock stuffed with $20 bills.

Amazon’s minimum wage increase improves worker livelihood

It is not breaking news that a minimum wage job cannot sustain a realistic lifestyle, but Amazon’s employees got

A male student walks on a tight rope while balancing books on his head

Column: Coping with time restraints in college isn’t easy

I would like to believe that after starting my fourth year of college, things would get easier with a

SlutWalk participants give each other hugs in support of each other.

Empowering women takes more effort than the Amber Rose SlutWalk

Correction: This article was changed at 4:00 p.m on Wednesday, October 10 to correct Chelsea Reynold's quote, which said "activism"


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