Daily Titan Interview Policy

This policy is meant to assist newsmakers who have been approached by a Daily Titan reporter, photographer or videographer to be interviewed or photographed for a story. The policy outlines the expectation a person should have as far as how interviews are conducted, how his or her information will be used and what they can do to help tell a story.

  • In order to accurately capture a story, we prefer to speak directly with a source of information. We appreciate you setting time aside to speak with a reporter on the phone, in person or over webcam. Speaking with you provides our reporters an opportunity to ask follow-up questions that may aid in the understanding of a topic or to provide context to information.
  • Email interviews do not provide our reporters the same opportunity to properly frame information and we prefer to avoid email interviews. If an interview is conducted entirely over email, the story will reflect that.
  • We will not provide a full list of questions prior to the interview. The reporter may provide general areas of focus, or a small set of specific questions to allow a source to prepare, but our reporters reserve the right to ask additional questions during the interview.
  • We must attribute information provided by a source to them by name, unnamed sources will only be used in extremely rare cases.
  • We cannot fulfill requests to view a story or photos before publication. However, reporters are free to double-check facts and quotes with a source at their own initiative.
  • We expect information to be provided in a reasonable timeframe. We understand that newsmakers are often busy people and that there may be delays in scheduling an interview. Actions to purposefully delay our reporting process or intentional obstructions to publication (for example: withholding information) will not be tolerated. If a reporter experiences unreasonable delays by a source wishing to forestall publication of a story, the timing will be reflected in the story.
  • Anonymous sources are only used in extremely rare instances when both sides agree to the conditions of the interview. Sources may be kept anonymous only when the source is the only way to gather factual information. The reason a source preferred to stay anonymous (for example: to protect his or her employment) will be included in the story.
  • Contact a reporter or editor if you believe the story contains factual errors. Our corrections policy is published above our masthead in each issue.

This policy was written and approved by the Daily Titan editorial board in April 2015. It is based on the Associated Press’ “What to expect when you’re interviewed by AP” policy.

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