Letters Policy

This policy was adapted from the New York Times and Washington Post’s letters policies.

The Daily Titan welcomes letters from the community in order to uphold its duty as a public forum. Letters should be exclusive to the Daily Titan, meaning they haven’t been published elsewhere (including on a personal blog or social media site), or submitted to another publication. Letters should be less than 300 words and will preferably refer to a Daily Titan story or opinion piece that has appeared in print or online within the last month.

Anonymous letters will not be published. All submissions should include a full name (pseudonyms will not be accepted) and a working phone number so that DT editors can contact the sender and authenticate the letter. Letters that cannot be authenticated will not be published.

Letters and guest columns are subject to editing for accuracy, clarity, length, AP style, grammar, poor taste and obscenities.

Please send letters via email to [email protected]

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