Tuffy's Halloween drinks

Tuffy’s Table presents a drink trio that will have your guests screaming for more. Vampire Desire, Spider’s Brew and Witch’s Stew are inspired by a Nightmare Before Christmas Cookbook recipe. (Maria Marquez / Daily Titan)

A Halloween party is not complete without some ghoulish beverages. This recipe is for those looking for frightfully tasty drinks that are also budget-friendly. These three drinks, inspired by the Nightmare Before Christmas Cookbook’s Vampire Brothers Bloody Party Punch, will have your guests screaming for more.

The drinks we will be making for this week’s spooky Tuffy’s Table are Vampire Desire, Spider’s Brew and Witch’s Stew. Vampire Desire is a mix of Hawaiian Punch and fruit punch sparkling water. Spider’s Brew is a fruity drink that includes Cactus Cooler and mango sparkling water. Witch’s Stew is a juice-based drink with pineapple juice and mango sparkling water.

You can substitute out the base drinks to your liking. Hawaiian Punch can be swapped out for a more budget friendly alternative like Kool-Aid. To add to the Halloween aesthetic, add dry ice to the top of the drink to give it a foggy and spooky effect. 

The key to making these drinks delightfully frightful is in the presentation. You will need some spiders, eyeballs, skeletons and vampire fangs. Gummy eyeballs and worms are also a sweet treat to brighten up your drinks. When using the plastic fangs and eyeballs make sure to soak in soap water first and then rinse in warm water to clean. 

To add some panache to your drinks, try topping the rim with Nerds candy, Pop Rocks or Fun Dip. These toppings will surely add a delightfully sweet surprise to every sip.

For readers who are over 21 years old and looking to add some kick, the punch-based Vampire Desire drink will pair well with tequila. Spider’s Brew can be made into a blended drink with vodka to pair with the Cactus Cooler and mango sparkling water. And the witch's stew can be paired with Malibu rum to make a tropical cocktail with pineapple juice and mango sparkling water.  


Spider’s Brew - Serves 4

  • One 2-liter bottle of Cactus Cooler or any orange soda

  • 2 bottles of orange mango sparkling Water

  • Ice

  • Box of Nerds or any rim flavoring of choice

  • Plastic spiders

  • Tall drink glasses

  • straws

  1. Dip glass into water and rim glass with Nerds.

  2. Pour Nerds into tall glass and then pour ice into glass.

  3. Pour equal parts orange soda and orange mango sparkling water into glass and mix together.

  4. OPTIONAL: Pour in 1 shot of vodka in each glass and mix well. 

  5. Carefully place two spiders on the rim or eyeballs into glass and serve with a straw. 


Vampire Desire - Serves 4

  • One 2-liter bottle of Hawaiian Punch 

  • 2 bottles of fruit punch sparkling water

  • Ice 

  • Tajin or any rim flavoring of choice

  • Short drink glass

  • Vampire Fangs

  1. Begin by dipping the rim of the glass into water then dipping into the rim into the tajin until it is fully covered. 

  2. Pour the ice into the short glass. Then pour in equal parts Hawaiian Punch and sparkling water and mix well.

  3. OPTIONAL: Pour in 1 shot of tequila into each glass and mix.

  4. Garnish the drink with vampire fangs. A straw is optional for this one.


Witch’s Stew - Serves 4

  • 1 bottle of pineapple juice

  • 2 bottles of mango orange sparkling water

  • 1 can of Fruit cocktail 

  • Blender

  • Ice

  • Spiders

  • Straws

  • Tall drink glasses

  1. In the blender, pour in 4 cups of ice, pineapple juice, mango orange sparkling water and a few fruits from the fruit cocktail.

  2. Blend all the way through until there is no more ice or fruit chunks.

  3. OPTIONAL: Pour in 1 shot of Malibu rum coconut liqueur into each glass and mix.

  4. Pour into a tall drink glass and place one spider in the middle of the drink and serve with a straw.

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