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Comedian Gabriel Iglesias invited longtime friend and stand-up comic, Martin Moreno, to join him on stage for his premiere of "Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy" in Orange, CA. (Timothy Foster / Daily Titan)

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias held a special fan screening in Orange for his upcoming Netflix special, “Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy.”

The screening took place at Century Stadium 25. Because event seats were limited, fans lined up early to secure their spot.

“Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy” is the recording of the comedian’s performance at the Dodgers Stadium on May 7. He became the first comedian to perform and sell out Major League Baseball’s largest venue.  

The first screening for this special kicked off at The Pike Outlets in Iglesias’s hometown of Long Beach, but Iglesias described Orange County as a second home.

“I spend a lot of time down here,” Iglesias said. “I eat at the restaurant next door, and the restaurant next door, and I’m always in the area. I got a buddy of mine who has a shop right up the street, and I come to watch the movies in this theater.”

During the event, Iglesias walked the Dodger-blue carpet and gave out goodie bags which included a Gabriel Igesias Funko Pop, T-shirts and more.

Fans opened up to Gabriel during the Q&A, asking personal questions,seeking life advice and sharing their thoughts on the film.

“Because of the fact there is so much significance behind this special, being able to have people come out and then engage with them, I rely on them to let me know what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong, ” Iglesias said.

Iglesias surprised the audience with his long-time friend and stand-up comic, Martin Moreno, who joined Iglesias after the screening, reflected on the importance of that night at the Dodgers Stadium while watching the premiere.

“It was different being there, but the emotions that ran through all came back,” Moreno said.

Axel Binczek drove from the San Fernando Valley and was one of the fans who witnessed the performance at the Dodger Stadium.

“Even though I already knew what that night was like, just to see it again, I still have those same laughs,” Binczek said.

Ruby Villasenor, a second-year child development major at East Los Angeles College and a long-time fan of the comedian, said she woke up before sunrise to get a wristband.

“I do encourage people to go see it,” Villasenor said. “It’s really funny, and I did get emotional, I’m not going to lie.”

The night at the largest MLB stadium was a massive accomplishment for Iglesias, his fans, friends and family.

“I feel like that show was a celebration of the career and just everything that I’ve worked so hard for,” Iglesias said. “Everybody that was there that night didn’t leave as soon as the show was over. I stayed on the stage, and I kept talking and drinking and hanging out, and no one wanted to leave.”

Iglesias mentioned that although his mother, his biggest supporter, could not be there to witness one of his biggest accomplishments, she knew how much he sacrificed for his career.

“She knows how hard I was working, how much I sacrificed and everything that went into it. There was a lot of time that I wasn’t around because I was working,” Iglesias said. “But she even told me, ‘I know that you are working hard because this is what you want to do.’”

“Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy” will be available to stream Oct. 18.

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