Clad in funky-fresh attire, Harry Styles fans were able to sing along to the musician's hit songs and bond with fellow "Harries" at the Titan Student Union Pub last week. 

The Associated Students hosted its fourth music-themed night on Wednesday, April 26, this time dedicated to the British singer and actor Harry Styles. 

As guests arrived, they were treated with Styles stickers, inflatable instruments and a variety of colorful glasses to wear to get ready for the night. A “Harry’s House” album backdrop was also available for photo opportunities.

Once checked in, the entire TSU pub and Titan Bowling and Billiards were available for students to enjoy free for the night.

The programming coordinator of the event, Cristian Sanchez, was concerned about finding a location for the event, but found the perfect space in the TSU and was happy to see so many people come out and enjoy the activities provided.

“I'm very happy with the turnout. We have a lot of Harries here, and we're really glad people were utilizing the Bowling and Billiards and the karaoke, so it's cool. There was a packed room in the pub, and I think when I kept checking the building and billiards there's a lot of people playing games,” Sanchez said.

Inside the TSU Pub, guests were able to participate in painting, bracelet-making and trivia to see who was the biggest Styles fan. ASI provided fruit and juice as refreshments to guests in “Harry’s Kitchen.”

There was also a stage where students could perform karaoke in front of everyone in the pub, singing some of their favorite Styles songs all night as a solo and in groups. Students in the crowd were singing along and cheering on each performer.

Ashley Hernandez, a third-year entertainment and tourism major and athe student programming coordinator, said the karaoke was what she loved most about the event.

“I think I love the karaoke part the most because everyone was hyping up the people that were up on stage and the people on stage also seem to have a lot of fun during their performance,” Hernandez said.

These festivities led to the announcement of the best-dressed “Harry” towards the end of the night. As students arrived in their best Styles gear, guests were brought up on stage one-by-one to show off their outfits. They were then placed in a row, and the guests voted for who they thought was the best dressed.

Alexa Adams, a third-year business major student, was selected as the winner. Adams said that her outfit took a lot of preparation and was the one she wore to the Harry Styles concert she attended back in October.

In addition to winning the best dressed “Harry” for the night, Adams talked about the importance of having these types of events for students.

“I think it's important, especially coming from a commuter-type school that Cal State Fullerton is. I haven't met a ton of people here, so things like that, like you get to make friends, you get to meet people that you normally wouldn't meet,” Adams said.

Third-year business major Kalea Santoyo, who attended the event, said she loved the activities and felt happy throughout the night.

“I felt happy that I could listen to his music while also just like spending time with my friend also, and I liked that I got to do just something outside of just studying,” Santoyo said.

After the turnout for the Harry Styles Night, Sanchez and Hernandez are motivated to continue to host events like this in the future for students and provide that space to have fun.

“We're gonna continue doing these types of events, and who knows what kind of event we'll do next, but we know we're just going to try to keep it to things as students love,” Sanchez said.

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