Mr. Alpha Chi winner

Chris Tarr, third-year communications major from Sigma Pi, won the Mr. Alpha Chi pageant hosted by the CSUF Alpha Chi Omega sorority chapter on Nov. 7. (Jessica Choi / Daily Titan)

The charms of each contestant were spotlighted at the Mr. Alpha Chi pageant as they took the stage, filling the Titan Student Union Pavillion with cheers and chants.

The pageant was a philanthropic event held on Sunday by Cal State Fullerton’s Alpha Chi Omega sorority chapter with proceeds raised going toward domestic violence awareness. The competition featured members from four different CSUF fraternities.

Tylin Williams from Pi Kappa Phi won the people’s choice award and Chris Tarr from Sigma Pi won the Mr. Alpha Chi pageant.

Money raised from ticket sales will be donated to local women's shelters including Laura's House, the Women's Transitional Living Center and the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation. The Alpha Chi Omega Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of domestic violence, helping to both prevent it and aid victims. 

Aria Hansberger, the current chapter president of Alpha Chi Omega and a third-year business major, recognized the importance of the event as an advocate for awareness about domestic violence. 

“The meaning for all of this is to get the community involved so that they can really see how domestic violence affects so many people. I think it’s important to get word out there, because personally for me, I always heard of domestic violence, coming to school I didn’t realize the effects it really had on people and how to prevent it,” Hansberger said.

The Mr. Alpha Chi candidates were asked to showcase their talents, knowledge and empathy about raising awareness on this topic in order to be crowned the coveted title.

Alumna and a judge of the event, Miranda Lambrana said she wanted to see some specific attributes from the contestants competing to win the title. 

“I hope to see someone who is enthusiastic about domestic violence awareness here and encourages everyone else to be involved with them, getting involved with the event and to be able to satisfy each of the categories of our event,” Lambrana said.

The categories of the pageant included a talent performance, fashion show, best fraternal chant, trivia and a speech about what domestic violence awareness means to them.

The night started off with the introductions of the four candidates: Daniel Berman, a fourth-year business major from Pi Kappa Alpha, Williams, a second-year kinesiology major from Pi Kappa Phi, Nathan Simieng, a fifth-year kinesiology major from Sigma Nu, and Tarr, a third-year communications advertising major from Sigma Pi.

Berman kicked off the performances with a smooth-voiced cover of Micheal Bublé’s “Sway”  which swooned the crowd. Next, was a comedy cooking skit by Williams that made the audience chuckle. Simieng followed with another cooking show skit for the audience. Last, Tarr wrapped up the performances with a magic show that left everyone speechless.

After the performances, every fraternity performed their chant in front of the audience with each of the  Mr. Alpha Chi candidates leading their respective chants. Between each chant, the candidate was asked a trivia question about the Alpha Chi Omega sorority which added points toward the winner of the event.

After the festive activities, the night took a serious turn when the candidates each spoke to the crowd about why domestic violence awareness is important and relevant to them. They shared their personal anecdotes about domestic violence awareness and the significance of this event.

The 2021 Mr. Alpha Chi title holder, Tarr, said he was elated to represent his fraternity, sharing his thoughts on why this event was important to him.

“I think it is so important because not a lot of people talk about it and it’s going around a lot,” Tarr said.

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