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No Stress Fest, held by Titan Radio, is an annual concert at the end of each semester to help students unwind during finals. Brandon Walkley, a fourth-year cinema and television art major, tabled the event for students to win free concert tickets. (Jennifer Lund / Daily Titan)

As students prepare for finals week, No Stress Fest provided a break from the books and a chance to connect. 

Cal State Fullerton’s Titan Radio hosted the festival with music, crafts and food at Becker Amphitheater from 6 to 9 p.m on Dec. 8. About 100 students gathered in front of the Titan Student Union for live music from local bands.

Cameron Macedonio, the general manager of Titan Radio and third-year journalism student, said No Stress Fest is designed to give students a break from studying for finals. 

“We want people to feel like they can relax,” Macedonio said. “Some people have finals coming up. There’s a lot of stress that comes with it.”

At the festival’s eighth event, the bands Bland, Fruit Jelly and Poor Timing were invited to perform. The festival also had pizza, button making and ticket giveaways, said Brandon Walkley, Titan Radio’s communications and outreach director.  

The night opened with the band Poor Timing from Orange County, who were alast-minute addition to the festival. 

“They have perfect timing because we had another band cancel on us, and they stepped in,” said Julio Reyes, Titan Radio’s radio media specialist.

During the break between each bands’ performances, students made buttons and bracelets at the Titan Radio craft table. 

Lauren Sharp, a public relations student at CSUF and DJ at Titan Radio, said live music is her favorite way to meet new people on campus.

“Getting to study on campus and just coming straight here and see friends is a great way to relax,” Sharp said.

No Stress Fest was open to CSUF students and local residents looking to enjoy a night of music. Stacy Montoia Chavez, a plant science major from Cal Poly Pomona, said she came to the event to support her friend Emmanual Razo, one of the members of the band Bland.

Montoia Chavez said driving from Pomona to Fullerton for No Stress Fest was worth it.  

“We have finals next week, so it’s a little break for my studying and a little break from being used to just doing work and getting it done and moving on to the next,” Chavez said. 

April Delgado, a food science and technology major at Cal Poly, also attended as Bland’s entourage.

“There’s no stress. There’s just a lot of socializing,” Delgado said. “And I’m just really happy to be here with my friends.”

No Stress Fest was a great experience for first-year or transfer students to get them excited for future events on campus.

“It makes it a bit more enjoyable because I commute, so being able to take the time to drive here and just enjoy being here. I think that’s what’s worth it,” said Leizelle Batacan, a CSUF transfer student and psychology major.

Batacan said she found out about the event after leaving a club meeting and heard music playing on campus.

“I think it just helps you take a break from things, especially during these last few weeks,” Batacan said. “You’re just cramming, so you want to take some time off.”

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