Firefly lane review


“Firefly Lane” is one of Netflix’s newest original series and tells the story of two unlikely best friends. It has all the elements of a coming-of-age story, from light-hearted fun to drama-filled twists and turns.

The first season premiered earlier in February with 10 episodes and has since earned its spot in Netflix’s Top 10 in the U.S. “Firefly Lane” is an adaptation of Kristin Hannah’s book series with the same title, and was brought to the screen by writer and producer Maggie Friedman.

The plot of the show follows Tully Hart, played by Katherine Heigl, and Kate Mularkey, played by Sarah Chalke, with the two characters as best friends since their teens.

In the beginning, Tully moves into the house next door to Kate. She instantly becomes the popular girl at school, and shows interest in Kate right away. Soon after meeting, the duo become inseparable.

On the outside, Tully is confident, rebellious and goal-oriented; she knows what she wants and is willing to do whatever it takes to get there. But viewers are quickly introduced to Tully’s true self which is the complete opposite: a broken girl shaped by a series of traumatic childhood events. 

On the other hand, Kate’s character is more introverted. She is awkward, clumsy and takes life as it comes, rarely going after what she wants because she never feels good enough.

Flash forward, Tully and Kate are now in their 40s, and their friendship is as strong as ever. Tully is a daytime talk show host, and Kate is a mother to a teenage daughter.

The show jumps back and forth from the present to their teenage years in the ‘70s and their college and early career years in the ‘80s, giving viewers a deep dive into their decade-long issues. 

Throughout the show, many of the cuts to different time periods are meant to continue the conversation of an earlier shot, which can be confusing to viewers. Having to jump back and forth to different eras every few minutes might have viewers’ brains racing to keep up.

Although the overall structure could have been better by changing the filters in the flashbacks, the different timelines did help advance the plot. Seeing the younger versions of Kate, played by Roan Curtis, and Tully, played by Ali Skovbye, gives viewers the context needed to fully grasp the complexity of what is happening in their lives in real time.

The younger versions of Kate and Tully are not only an essential part of the storyline, but the actresses perfectly embody their respective personalities and have an undeniable chemistry. After being introduced to the younger versions of the two women, viewers will quickly realize why their bond is so strong.

As the show progresses, and the characters’ walls start falling, fans will start to feel like they  are living these experiences alongside the characters.

The chemistry between Heigl and Chalke is unmatched. It is far greater than any of their love interests in the story and the heart of the series is their friendship. It will leave fans wanting to call their bestie to tell them how much they love them.



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