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“Halloween Kills” lives up to its name and kills the prospects of this rebooted “Halloween” franchise. It was always destined to fall into the trappings of being the middle part of this trilogy, but it falls so far in quality from the 2018 reboot that it becomes excruciatingly clear that going the route of three movies was a cash grab. 

The original idea that writers David Gordon Green and Danny McBride came up with clearly only contained enough plot for two movies and this movie makes that completely obvious. 

This sequel picks up directly after the events of the first movie and also flashes back to the original film. Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, survived her showdown with the boogeyman and has trapped Michael Myers in a burning building after successfully fighting him off with the help of her family. But the one thing we know about Myers is that he never dies. 

Right away, the movie starts to fall flat by finding a convenient way for him to survive which makes zero sense. As the burning basement he was locked in was supposed to serve as his death trap, it seems that this movie is not concerned with plot holes. 

The 2018 movie was a great story about trauma, taking Strode through redemption as she grappled with the trauma of being hunted by a madman serial killer and having all of her friends brutally murdered. But this 2021 movie fails to be about anything other than Myers killing people yet again. 

“Halloween Kills” focuses more on the town of Haddonfield and characters from its past, as they begin to incur the wrath of Myers once again. Instead of remaining scared, however, the town bands together in a mob deadset on ending Myers once and for all. The premise is great on paper, but the execution is lacking and the movie instead becomes an ultra-violent kill fest with a narrative not worthy of the runtime. 

The film brings back more of the old characters like Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) and Lindsey (Kyle Richards), but their short-lived reappearances make it clear that they were fillers in a 90-minute stalling to the final showdown between Strode and Myers. 

Also returning are Strodes’ family members, Karen (Judy Greer) and Allyson (Andi Matichak). Most of the characters fall into the cliche trappings of horrible characters doing foolish things during horror movies, which makes this movie even more unbearable. 

What makes this sequel so tragic is the fact that it fails to do anything new with the genre, unlike the film before it which explored great drama. 

One of the things that makes this movie boring – and the opposite of what made the original so great – is the lack of suspense. The magic of the original was wondering when Myers would pop up next. He’s a force of nature that’s meant to stalk from a distance and instead, he takes center stage while his body count rises drastically. 

People who enjoy brutal violence might find this movie enjoyable because it does have some great kills, but most of them are gratuitous at best and reminiscent of the Rob Zombie “Halloween” movies. 

If looking for a great horror movie to watch – or maybe even something remotely scary, or entertaining – look elsewhere. The next film in this franchise, however, will benefit from a clear showdown between Strode and Myers after this movie’s incredibly predictable ending. 

While playing in theaters, it’s probably best to not support this poor excuse of a “Halloween” movie by buying tickets. It’s one of those movies that can be streamed at home, saving money on ticket prices, concessions and saving you from that person who chews with their mouth open throughout the entire movie. 

“Halloween Kills” is now in theaters or available to stream on the Peacock streaming service. 

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