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Momo Slimes offers a handmade selection of slime and foam for sensory therapy and stress relief. (Nicole Trinidad / Daily Titan)

There’s no doubt that slime has recently made a successful comeback in social media sites like TikTok and YouTube, with some video view counts reaching the millions. Whether you’re a slime enthusiast or you’re brand new to the relaxing hobby, Momo Slimes has a large selection to choose from. 

Here are six different slimes to pique your interest.

Victoria Sponge Cake

The Victoria sponge cake, resembling a cute strawberry shortcake, has a crispy texture that’s still fun to stretch and squeeze. It isn’t too rough for those with sensitive hands, but like all snow fizz slimes, it still has a sandy, exfoliating texture. The description accurately describes the delicious smell of the whipped cream. While you can’t eat the slime, this one was definitely tempting. 

Pom Pom Pudding

This is a perfect slime for those who love the adorable Sanrio character, Pompompurin, or banana scents. The texture is unique compared to other slay-textured slimes, which are soft and resemble tofu. Assembling the jelly slime and sprinkles adds an extra tactile sensation to enhance the experience. It isn’t easy to hold because it melts quickly after some play, but it’s still nice for squeezing and popping bubbles. Although the banana smell is overpowering and obviously artificial, it’s a pleasant slime.  

Cookies & Cream Fizz

Who doesn’t love an Oreo cookie? This slime is interesting because its microfloam beads are smaller than normal floam beads, wich feels nice on the hands without hurting your skin. Unfortunately, these beads can also make it difficult to clean. Artificial cookies and cream scents are typically inaccurate, so the smell of this slime is not the best. Although micro full-floam slimes are great to play with, this one is a bit mediocre.

Totoro Donut Cereal 

Fans of the movie “My Neighbor Totoro” can see their favorite character reimagined in slime form. The Totoro sprinkles and charm are cute and make the slime pop. Assembling the miniature donuts is also super fun. The texture is buttery smooth and feels like a plush toy in your hands. Once the clay is added, the slime grows, making it easy to stretch and squeeze. If you’re unfamiliar with the scent of black sesame, this slime won’t be the most satisfying. It has a strong odor of ink or pencil, but it’s cute slime that is perfect for beginners.

Cookie Monster Milk Candy

This slime will tickle the nostalgia for all Sesame Street fans who love the beloved character Cookie Monster - or have a similar cookie obsession. Assembling the jelly slime and adding cute sprinkles enhances the fun of playing with this slime. The floam texture on this one is nicer than the previous microfloam slime. Unlike the cookies and cream fizz, this one had no messy beads. When it’s squeezed, it also creates more giant bubbles to pop, and you are hit with a fragrant wave of chocolate scent. 

Cookie Monster Rice Crisps

It wasn’t enough to make only one Cookie Monster-themed slime. This time, Momo Slimes introduced a Cookie Monster slime with a new texture: pebble beads. Playing with this slime is a unique experience as they are denser than normal foam beads, but make the same fizzy and satisfying sound when squeezed. It also has a slow stretch because of how packed and heavy it is with beads. For those with sensitive hands, this isn’t for you, but it does give a more sensory experience than the other slimes. While this slime provides a fun tactile sensation, its thickness and scent may be off-putting for some.

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