Godzilla vs. Kong

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The fight of the century came to fruition as “Godzilla vs. Kong brought audiences a legendary battle between two titans in blockbuster fashion. Available in theaters and on HBO Max on March 31, viewers finally see Godzilla and King Kong go head to head for the first time since 1962. 

This film is the fourth installment of Warner Bros. and Legendary's MonsterVerse Universe, which further explores these giant monsters’ existence. While the storyline may seem mundane, many of the extraordinary events lend itself to progressing the franchise’s overarching plot to uncover more about these titanic beings while also setting up a potential rematch between Kong and Godzilla in a sequel film. 

However, there has been no word from Legendary if a second film will follow. 

The first two installments of “Godzilla”and “King Kong: Skull Island” earned over $500 million, but “Godzilla: King of Monsters”flopped in its release, grossing $386.6 million. 

With restrictions and some theaters still closed, “Godzilla vs. Kong” turned out $48.5 million in its first five days in cinemas, a surprising number that could indicate that blockbuster films still have a place despite its streaming availability.

While the previous three movies delved into the titans’ discovery and their sheer power, the latest installment dives into their origins within the earth’s core — also known as hollow Earth. 

At this point in the film’s universe, the titans are well known, with society reaping the benefits of their coexistence. However, these notions are questioned once Godzilla emerges from the waters and attacks an Apex Cybernetics facility, seemingly unprovoked, but conspiracy theorists think otherwise. 

The attack provokes Apex Cybernetics to lead an excursion into hollow Earth, a habitable prehistoric environment within Earth’s center, the birthplace of the goliath creatures; they do this to harness the natural resources inside the realm to defeat Godzilla. 

Kong, is brought along to lead the excursion, in addition to finding a more suitable home for the primate. However, Kong leaving his Skull Island home threatens Godzilla because there can’t be two alpha titans. 

Although the bout between the two monsters is the primary card fight in the film, their differences are set aside when they must team up to brawl against MechaGodzilla, a superpowered titanic robot developed by Cybernetics to defeat the titans. 

The fight scenes between the two titans provide eye candy for viewers in terms of the landscape and color coordination. While the action between the two is an exciting heavyweight fight, the choice of venues provide appealing scenery for their duels. The cinematic elements are heightened more for viewers who decide to watch the blockbuster in theaters. 

The first battle between Kong and Godzilla takes place in the middle of the Tasman Sea on their way to Antarctica. While Kong appears to have a severe disadvantage in open waters, the fleet of carrier ships responsible for transporting the primate provide an interesting battleground for the environment. The fight in the midst of a sunset adds a nice flair to the scene as well. 

In the previous films of the franchise, monochromatic colors dominated the visuals during heightened moments. However, this film takes a rather different turn, exemplifying the use of contrasting colors, primarily different shades of red and blue —  an ode to the two clashing behemoths that highlight the movie. These elements are accentuated in their final fight in the center of Hong Kong, where the eye-catching city lights paint the skyline, providing a vivid and bright ambience. 

The acting can be taken for whatever it's worth on the screen, but actors Brian Tyree Henry,  Millie Bobby Brown and Julian Dennison, provide an entertaining side mission that uncovers the development of MechaGodzilla. 

Although the battle between Godzilla and Kong came to an anti-climactic end, the film served its purpose of providing audiences two behemoths battling it out, while expanding upon their universe. With the two titans able to walk away in good health, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see either two of Hollywood’s literal biggest stars grace the screen in another cinematic blockbuster.


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