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(NTT Solmare Corporation)

 NTT Solmare Corporation released its anime adaptation of “Obey Me!” on July 16 — a female targeted story game, also known as an otome, from the “Shall we date?” series. While short, the game proves to be addicting with an intricate and comforting plot all at the same time.

Since the game’s release at the end of 2019 and its release in Japan in 2020, the game has now amassed over 4 million downloads and is ranked 4.9 out of 5 in the iOS app store. 

The game itself is an addictive masterpiece introducing a universe with demons, angels and humans. The human main character is thrown into the Demon World, known as the Devildom, to be an exchange student at the Royal Academy of Diavolo or RAD. 

What lies before them is “seven demon brothers each with their own peculiarities and a mountain of tasks.” 

The main storyline revolves around the narratives of the different characters and romantic options in pursuit of each one. The mechanics include the main character controlling their gameplay through a phone messaging system to get through certain tasks and utilizing winnable cards in dance battles to excel further into the story. 

The lovable and attractive demon brothers are based on the seven deadly sins or seven princes of hell: Lucifer represents pride, Mammon is greed, Leviathan is envy, Satan is wrath, Asmosdeus is lust, Beelzebub is gluttony and Belphegor is sloth.

“Obey Me!” is compelling because of how the game expertly changes the narrative of the brothers by making them not only super attractive anime boys in a comedic slice of life school setting, but also making their personalities go beyond the sins they are attached to.

The more effort that is put into the game, the more the audience gets to see small but heartwarming intricate details into each character. Some are childish and hold insecurities, but also dedicated and caring, and that provides more meaning beyond their looks and archetypes. 

Getting to see how each character interacts with each other is just as fun as getting to be the center of attention in a demon brother harem. 

Luckily, the first episode still brings those core values in it’s pilot episode. Colored Pencil Animation Japan is the company behind the “Obey Me!” anime and the art style is perfectly whimsical and light as it paints a gorgeous picture of the brothers while also fitting the comedy, romance and fantasy genres.

The first episode aired on Funimation and also the “Obey Me!” Official YouTube channel. The start of the episode was no nonsense, without any opening theme song and a start that goes straight into the content with Lucifer talking about why he called a family meeting.  

For active fans of “Obey Me!,” the episode brings simple but stunning surprises with its art style, full dialogues among characters and dynamic movements that cannot be replicated in the game. 

However, it also brings comforting familiarity with how the episode continues to showcase the characters fans know and love. Their personalities and interactions transcend the game on a grander scale and without any interference from the main character.

The episode follows the characters in their everyday lives with nicely timed comedic elements, edited emotions that transform them to be more like anime characters and added twists and surprises that introduce a new side to the characters that game players have never seen before. 

The only issue is how short the episode is, running at just under five minutes long. 

“Obey Me!” can be played on the Apple app store, Google Play and Galaxy Store. The first episode is available to watch on Funimation or for free on the “Obey Me!” Official YouTube account.


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