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Sports at Cal State Fullerton will have to wait, as the Big West Conference announced on Wednesday that all fall sports will be postponed through the end of the calendar year. 

The decision will affect CSUF’s women’s tennis and volleyball, men’s and women’s soccer and golf, along with women’s cross country.

“In making the decision, the board recognized the continued serious challenges to health and safety on Big West campuses and communities impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic,” said the Big West board of directors in the announcement. 

The decision does not mean that the postponed fall sports will be canceled, as the board left the option to have the affected sports be played in the spring, depending on how the COVID-19 pandemic progresses. That decision will be made later in the year.

Winter sports, specifically men’s and women’s basketball, are not affected by the decision even though they are slated to begin on Nov. 10, according to the board. 

The Big West is the latest conference to announce the postponement of fall athletics, as the Ivy League was the first to do so back on July 8.  

The move affects the 11 schools that are in the Big West, which is made up of mostly Cal State Universities and UC schools, as well as the University of Hawai’i.

In 2019, the women’s soccer team was the first team at CSUF to play in the fall, as they began their regular season on Aug. 22. 

No school in the Big West has announced their schedule for fall sports, but CSUF women’s soccer head coach Demian Brown said in May that the first game of his team’s season was scheduled for Aug. 20. The conference will allow athletes to return to their campuses, but it will be up to each university to determine if they will allow it or not. 

The last Big West competition of the year was a softball matchup between Long Beach State and Boston University on March 12. That same day, the conference suspended all spring sports and canceled them a day later. 

With no postponement of basketball, the CSUF men’s and women’s basketball teams, as of now, are set to be the first sports to return to Fullerton. Neither team has announced their schedule for the upcoming season.

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