ASI meeting Nov 17

ASI board of directors discusses new funding guidelines and first-quarter budget at their meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 17. (Screenshot / Daily Titan)

A resolution was unanimously passed Tuesday by Cal State Fullerton’s Associated Students board of directors that provided additional guidelines for Inter-Club councils and other clubs and organizations seeking funding from the ASI Finance Committee.

The resolution, as presented by Drew Wiley, the ASI leader and program development director, amended Policy Concerning Funding Provided to Students and Student Organizations.

This amendment comes just two months after ASI’s previous resolution pertaining to their funding guidelines.

ASI plans to have a mid-year check-up in January to review and follow up on how the policy is being implemented.

The new subsection, which focuses on viewpoint neutrality, will use narrow and objective definition standards in the decision-making process for approving or denying funding to campus organizations.

“Is the club recognized by student leadership or through our campus process? Are they in good standing, is it free and open to students, right? Which, in this policy up above, all of our funding for events and activities requires that the event be open to all Cal State Fullerton students who are interested in attending,” Wiley said.

According to Wiley’s presentation, viewpoint neutrality is applicable to all events and activities in need of funding. However, “individual events and activities funded under this policy may maintain, advocate or promote a particular view or ideology.”

Requests for funding must be viewed and dealt with in a neutral manner for events that will be engaged or involved in expressive conduct or speech, Wiley said.

The committee responsible for financial decisions can deny or reduce the amount of funding, which the council had expressed concerns over, but ultimately it was added with the requirement that the person or club seeking funding must provide a reason for the requested amount.

Carol McDoniel, ASI’s director of administration, provided a first-quarter financial report and noted some discrepancies in the report due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. ASI’s two main sources of income are student fees, which are consistent, and operations, which have taken a hit due to the pandemic and the lack of need for the service.

“Other areas where we’re not going to see income this year is in fundraising which ends up in programming for student services,” McDoniel said. “This year it may or may not happen.”

However, the majority of budgeted travel funds will not be spent this year, with only a portion of the money budgeted for travel being used for virtual experiences for students and staff.

McDoniel also mentioned that the Titan Student Union has refunded $13,000 in deposits due to canceled events.

“This is a very challenging year financially even though we’re virtual,” said Dave Edwards, ASI executive director. “Big picture, we are in fine financial shape but it will be a tight year when we get to the end of the fiscal year in June.”

The next ASI board of directors meeting will be on Dec. 1.

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