CSUF Irvine Campus

Cal State Fullerton has sold its Irvine Center, located on Barranca Parkway and Banting. (Cal State Fullerton)

After nearly 10 years in operation, Cal State Fullerton’s Irvine Campus will officially close its doors at the end of June. 

The property is in the process of being sold after the university faced financial challenges after losing a lessee and found limited use for it during the virtual semester. The decision to place the property on the market instead of continuing to pay for its empty occupation was announced today by CSUF’s Office of the President in a statement.  

Despite these efforts, due to the size and cost of maintaining the Irvine Center, it has been challenging for the university to utilize the property to the fullest extent,” the message read. 

While only one of the buildings was up for sale, the university received inquiries on the second building, both of which are located on Barranca Parkway and Banting. Upon reviewing the proposals, as well as evaluating the necessity for the unlisted structure, the university decided to make the buildings, which are known as Banting 1 and Banting 3, a package deal. 

“This review, combined with many other considerations, prompted the university to accept the best offer for the purchase of Banting 1 and Banting 3,” CSUF admin wrote. 

The Irvine Campus housed university programs like the CSUF Startup Incubator, Small Business Development Center and the student-run PRactical ADvantage team. 

Despite the sale, the courses currently offered at the Irvine Campus will remain in place until June 30, 2021, allowing time for all the programs to be transferred onto the main campus or another location. The five full-time staff members at the center and their positions will also be relocated.

“We anticipate that by July 1, 2021, when the university releases all interests in the Banting property, the courses that are currently offered at the Irvine Center will have completed their transition along with the Irvine Center’s faculty and staff,” the statement said. 

According to the Irvine Center FAQ page, the loss of a CSUF presence in South Orange County will not hinder the university’s ability to aid its students in or around Irvine. Instead, the university plans to increase their community engagement moving forward.   

“The campus looks forward to partnering with K-12, community college, non-profit organizations, business community, and government entities from South OC far into the future,” according to the page.

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