Mihaylo Hall

Cal State Fullerton offers limited study spaces in the first floor of Mihaylo Hall to current CSUF students that are available Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm. (Isaias Ruelas / Daily Titan) 

With Cal State Fullerton currently providing designated study spaces in the first floor lobby of Mihaylo Hall, students wonder if this system will remain as the prospects of an in-person fall semester become viable.

In an email to the Daily Titan, Daniel Ramirez, manager of communications in the division of student affairs, said CSUF provides a two-hour time slot for students seeking study spaces on campus.

Students will need to reserve a seat for these spaces through an online form prior to utilizing the service. The study spaces are available to students 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Gregory Witmer, Pollak Library services specialist, said that the use of study spaces at the university’s library is still being discussed. He said making decisions for reopening the spaces are dependent on health orders and the changing health guidelines from the state and university.

Face coverings are still mandated while using these spaces, or students will be asked to leave, Ramirez said. The university provides face coverings at different locations on campus, which includes the Device Requests desk at Pollak Library, Health Services and the Titan Shops’ customer service counter, Ramirez added.

Ramirez said CSUF will also follow an extensive cleaning and disinfecting schedule created by the Environmental Health and Safety to help keep faculty, staff and students safe.

Graciela Parada, a senior studying advertising, said she is uncomfortable about the idea of returning to campus. She said she doesn’t know how to feel about the study areas even after hearing the health and safety regulations CSUF will have in place.

While the reservation system is meant to limit the number of people in the Mihaylo Hall lobby to facilitate social distancing, Parada said she questions its fairness.

“I just, I don’t feel like it’s gonna work for everyone. It’s just gonna limit everything for everyone,” Parada said.

Christine Kang, a business administration major, said she thinks the study spaces are a good thing.

Kang said she won’t hesitate to use the study spaces when the time comes and thinks other students won’t have any worries using them either.

She said after hearing the guidelines CSUF will be following, she felt comforted by the actions being taken to keep students safe.

Kang is optimistic that health precautions will be taken seriously and strictly enforced, she added.

Kang said the only potential issue in getting a study space reserved could be the availability due to demand.

“If it’s only limited to that space for the entire school, it seems like there could be an issue with the impact,” Kang said.

She said some students who are forced to complete school at home are in need of a better study space and she believes opening the study spaces will be a big help for them.

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