President's Directive 22 update

Cal State Fullerton announced on Sept. 20 that all members of the university community shall continue to wear face coverings on campus while indoors through at least Oct. 31. (Andre Gomez / Daily Titan)

The university’s face covering requirements will remain in effect through at least Oct. 31, requiring all Cal State Fullerton community members to continue wearing a face mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status.

On Monday, the Dean of Students sent out an email to the university community with information regarding the updated Presidential Directive 22: COVID-19 Mitigation Measures and Guidelines. The email said that based on the ongoing recommendation from the California Department of Public Health, the mask mandate will remain in effect at the university.

As of July 28, the CDPH website continues to recommend universal masking regardless of vaccination status in all indoor spaces, such as public transit, K-12 schools, childcare centers, emergency shelters and healthcare settings, among others.

The university's directive applies to all university members, including students, staff, faculty, volunteers, contractors, guests and visitors, when engaged in CSUF's academic, business or co-curricular programs and activities on or off-campus.

The Oct. 31 date has been added to the directive while all other information and guidance remain the same.

The directive classifies a surgical mask, a medical procedure mask, a respirator worn voluntarily, or a tightly woven fabric or non-woven material of at least two layers as acceptable face coverings. Face masks worn indoors must cover both the nose and mouth and cannot have any visible holes or openings.

Individuals do not have to wear face coverings when alone in a private area such as an office with a closed door, a vehicle, while eating and drinking, showering, washing one’s face or brushing teeth in a residence hall or any other university building with bathroom facilities. Individuals may also remove masks when instructed by a health care provider for care or treatment when an accommodation is required, or when job duties make face coverings infeasible or hazardous, as previously stated in the directive.

The directive also includes information for re-entry and surveillance testing, case reporting, health screening, signage and guidelines.

For additional information, students, staff and faculty can visit the President's Directive 22 website to review the updated information or visit the Titans Return: COVID-19 Recovery website for information on vaccine requirements, testing, exemption information and any updates from the university.


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