South Lake

$1 million will be used to fund proposed projects throughout the Arboretum. (Frank Portillo / Daily Titan)

Cal State Fullerton received the $1 million state budget allocation funds that were awarded during the summer to seed the prospective Titan Gateway Pedestrian Bridge.

With the new funding from the state, the bridge still has a ways to go and requires an additional $11 million before it is fully funded, said Elva Rubalcava, the associate vice president of government and community relations.

“We do not have funding to complete the project as this is the first $1 million of the $12 million needed to build, so there is no completion date projected at this time,” Rubalcava said.

The other $1 million has yet to arrive as of yesterday but will be used for projects at the Arboretum, such as fixing the roof on the Heritage House, building a new outdoor meeting space called the Friend’s Plaza, replacing the signs in the garden and fixing the lake and streams system, said Greg Dyment, the Arboretum director.

“It is going to go to projects that are deferred. For instance, the roof, that’s our number one priority. We need a roof on that house before it starts raining,” Dyment said.

Dyment added that at the moment, the cost of these projects is unknown and they all still require planning. Some of the planning requires drawings from engineers and inspections from a fire marshall.

“So, frankly, I’m not sure we’ll be able to do all those things,” Dyment said. “We don’t know how much all of those things are going to cost,”.

The Friend’s Plaza will also be funded with the $1 million allocation and will offer visitors a new outdoor meeting space to hang out or reserve for private parties or university events. The private events provide additional funding to the Arboretum that saw a revenue loss of almost $850,000 when it was closed during the COVID-19 shutdowns.

Dyment said the daily operational costs to run the Arboretum are roughly $4,200.

Since reopening, Dyment said that their revenue streams are back up and fully operational. The Arboretum has also resumed taking reservations for its various spaces to hold events, such as weddings or retreats.

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